About the App

TimelinesAI is an app for businesses that have a lot of communication across different channels. It enables teams to organize and view selected messages by topics in one place, and share the most important information internally or with clients.

If you need an easy way to update managers or teammates on your messaging, reduce time spent discussing the results and prevent the most important information from loss,TimelinesAI is the right solution for you

Meet the Founders

Ishay Tentser

E-mail: ishay@timelines.ai

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tentser

The serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience as a CEO at Initech, an Israeli software development business. I have a vast experience in innovation and startup mentoring in Israel and Europe accelerators such as Horizon 2020, TechStars and MassChallenge accelerators. My experience in growth hacking and product marketing helps to make TimelinesAI a better product.

Igor Gassko

E-mail: igor@timelines.ai

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/gassko

Entrepreneur and product engineer with more than 15 years of experience. My background in the elite IT departure of Israel Defence Forces taught me to be pragmatic but strive for perfection in product development. I put this approach in use as a head of development at TimelinesAI.

About Us

We are an Israeli-based team, with main business at Initech where we provide software development and consulting services. Most of the communication with our clients happens via e-mail, on WhatsApp, Slack and other communication tools and rarely gets set in paper.

A lot of resources get needlessly wasted on updating each other on results or claiming specific messages that verify business decisions. We decided to develop a solution for businesses who want to act faster instead of discussing and forwarding messages back and forth.

TimelinesAI turned out to be helpful for us as it 2x reduced time we spend on meetings and helped us numerous times when we needed to issue proofs of certain agreements that were only messaged but not documented. We think it may bring similar value to other businesses as well.

Eventually TimelinesAI will seamlessly capture all important knowledge about your business relations, integrate with the tools you already use and make the information accessible to your entire organization.

Read Initech use case study to learn how we use TimelinesAI to make informed decisions, share knowledge across the management team and get protected against forgetful clients.