Your team is using individual WhatsApp numbers?

TimelinesAI: all-in-one solution to manage multiple WhatsApp numbers. Gain immediate control and 360° view of your business communication.

Control — One-click WhatsApp <> CRM Integrations
Visibility — Multi-number Shared Inbox
Performance — Zapier, Webhooks and Bulk sending
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Is TimelinesAI a fit for your Business?

We created TimelinesAI to help businesses that use a lot if individual WhatsApp numbers to communicate with their clients. We have developed a range of tools that will organize your WhatsApp communication, boost your business performance and will save you a lot of time!


Automatic sync with CRM. One-click integrations withPipedrive & HubSpot. Webhooks for other CRM or marketing software.


Add unlimited existing WhatsApp numbers. TimelinesAI works with both business and personal numbers. No Business API required.


Easily manage your staff turnover - remove and invite team members with at few clicks. Our in-app onboarding will make them available for work in minutes.


Get immediate control with our Shared Inbox - unique solution to view communication from multiple numbers in one place.


Automate sending with Native Zapier integration and webhooks. Send personalized messages based on any trigger from your CRM.


Reach your customers within minutes with our Bulk Reply and Mass Sending features. Use custom templates with unlimited variables to personalize your messaging.

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500+ brands across 34 countries use TimelinesAI

maria m.
lo maximo lo máximo ☺porque se gurda la información, es lo maximo ☹todo me gusta, es lo maximo sin quejas feliz con este producto
Verified Reviewer
Good Software! Generally, my experience with Timelines is very good! ☺My favorite thing about the software is the messages apears instantly in the CRM when I chat with a client in whatsapp and this action helps me because I testify that I chatted with the client. ☹Sometimes the system crash while I work and this thing is very annoying
Ampsus A.
A great app! I have been using this app in my sales team, and I think It helps to improve our sales environment, giving us tools to follow all the chats and interactions with our customer. This App has been helping us to improve our customer service, in fact! ☺The app show the interactions with customers in real time!! ☹Sometimes, the app may disconnect from whatsapp, but is easy to log in again.
Heisvel R.
Recomendada ☺Practico, novedoso, buena herramienta de trabajo ☹No esta en español, no hay manual de uso
Estefania M.
Excelente Software, muy util para la gestion de clientes. ☺Su facil uso, ademas funciona muy bien las convesaciones se transfieren muy facil a Pipedrive para una fácil revisión y gestión. ☹Se pueden ver los chat de todos los conectados cuando se entra a la pagina principal y es un poco molesto.
Betsy F.
Very practical ☺I like that reminds me all the conversation with my clients ☹I think there are no cons, I'm very satisfied.
Balder G.
Amazing software ☺It really helps to keep track of bussiness and sale forces work ☹Nothing, I have not found any cons yet
Mariel M.
Migrante ayuda en la gestion ☺es facil de usar , queda todo registrado ☹todo bien , a veces se desconecta y no quedan registradas las conversaciones
orneglys r.
funcional ☺es un software practico y funcional, objetivo ☹invasión a la privacidad, porque todo el mundo lo lee

TimelinesAI — All-in-one tool to boost your business WhatsApp performance and regain control

Sync Whatsapp messaging into PipeDrive deals

Pipedrive Integration — connect your WhatsApp accounts in one click

Start tracking your business Whatsapp communication with automatic real-time updates into Persons and Deals.

One-click integration with Pipedrive
No WhatsApp Business API required

Connect up to 100 Whatsapp Numbers

Pricing starts at just 10$ per month

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Connect Whatsapp

Shared Inbox — bring back control over your business' WhatsApp communication

No more "blind spots" in your communication with Leads&Customers. Organize, review, collaboarate and keep all WhatsApp communication in TimelinesAI Shared Inbox.

Set your team ready for collaboration in two minutes
Improve your sales with pre-defined templates

Supports Group Chats

Pricing starts at just 30$ per month

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Mass Messaging & Automation — supercharge your Sales & Marketing performance

Leverage the power of WhatsApp and boost conversions of your automation flows and mass sending promotional campaigns.

Mass sending campaigns
Native Inbound & Outbound Webhooks

Zapier Integration

Pricing starts at 50$ per month

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Easily integrate Whatsapp with the tools you already use

Leverage the power of webhooks, Zapier or Integromat to automatically sync your data from Whatsapp and keep records up to date.


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