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I run Initech, an Israeli software development company. We have established it more than 10 years ago. Now our company has more than 20 team members, so a lot of internal and external communication comes through the managers first, and only then through me and my co-founder. 

Even though we are delegating the responsibilities, it still costs us a

How sharing works in TimelinesAI

TimelinesAI is meant to act on the knowledge that comes from your business communication. It takes less effort and time to share access to messages in a Timeline than copypaste, paraphrase it and explain the additional details.

As business communication is a sensitive matter, by design we protect you from accidentally sharing the access with unauthorized people. 


How to set up automatic e mail forwarding into TimelinesAI

Gmail enables you to forward the e-mails to the external address of choice automatically.

Since TimelinesAI Inbox provides you with a unified e-mail address which will then streamline your messages into the appropriate Timelines, you may choose what messages get imported at a granular level.

While you can set up the simple rule to forward everything that comes

How to send your e mail as attachment in G mail

How to e-mail your e-mails in G-mail? Thanks to the recent G-Suite update that takes place on January the 13th it becomes possible. Now, instead of forwarding the bunch of e-mails, you can… attach a bunch of e-mails and send them to your recipient to figure out! Yay?

Getting started with TimelinesAI

Welcome to TimelinesAI – Shared Inbox for Whatsapp!

Here are the most common cases when our app may be useful for you: 💬  You want to connect one or several Whatsapp numbers and let your team manage all chats from Whatsapp in one place. This is especially useful to share the load on Whatsapp inquiries from your clients, as