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How sharing works in TimelinesAI

Kyrylo Taranenko

Kyrylo Taranenko

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction

Kyrylo Taranenko

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction
Kyrylo Taranenko

TimelinesAI is meant to act on the knowledge that comes from your business communication. It takes less effort and time to share access to messages in a Timeline than copypaste, paraphrase it and explain the additional details.

As business communication is a sensitive matter, by design we protect you from accidentally sharing the access with unauthorized people. 

To share access to a message or a Timeline, you need to:

a) Grant access to a specific person by inviting him into a Timeline;
b) Share a link to a Timeline or a specific message.  

There are two ways to grant access to your Timeline or message: invite a person as a “Teammate” or “Guest”. What’s the difference here?

A “teammate” gets registered in your workspace as a part of a team, so it is quicker to add him to another Timeline in the future and provide him with different levels of rights (admin, etc.).

“Guests” don’t get registered in a workspace – they get an e-mail with a one-off code for temporary access instead:

This code can only be used once to make sure the access to your business communication won’t be shared further without your permission. You can also revoke the access at any time:

Same works for teammates as well.

Note: If you share a link to a Timeline or a message without previously granting access to view a Timeline, the person will not be able to access it and will see a 404 page instead. This is done on purpose to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your business communication without your knowledge.

There is a shortcut to it though.
If you want to quickly share a specific message, you may use the “Share publicly” option:

It works similar to the “get shareable link” option on GDrive. This button will make the message viewable by anyone who has the link and grant access to the message automatically.

There is a nuance though: if the person wasn’t invited to view a Timeline but got such public link, she will not be able to click through to the original Timeline. And if you shared such public link with a teammate who has access to your Timeline, she will have an option to navigate to the Timeline and view other messages to gain a better understanding of the discussion.

That’s it! If you have any questions about how Timelines works or how to set it up for your needs, reach out in chat widget in the bottom right corner of your screen.

If you have any ideas for additional functionality or want to suggest improvements, feel free to create a post or vote on our Roadmap page.

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