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How the automatic sorting works in TimelinesAI?

Kyrylo Taranenko

Kyrylo Taranenko

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction

Kyrylo Taranenko

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction
Kyrylo Taranenko

To make the app easier to use, we have implemented the automatic sorting functionality, so TimelinesAI organizes your messages for you. Every time you import a message, it gets scored against messages that are already in your Timelines.  

The criteria for sorting decision are:

  • Participants (sender, recipient, cc’d/bcc’d if applicable)
  • Subject (if applicable, instant messengers don’t contain a subject)
  • Content (the system measures if it matches other messages to a certain point) 

If the score of a certain Timeline is higher than for others, the message gets placed there automatically. 

The score also may result to be even for several Timelines, or just low. It means that you either don’t have messages that match the one being implemented or have several similar messages in different Timelines. In such a case the system won’t have enough data to decide for sure and you’ll be notified to make a decision. 

Once you send the unsorted message into a specific Timeline, all other unsorted messages will be analyzed again and if this time the data is now sufficient, some of them will be sorted automatically to reduce the number of routine operations for you.

TimelinesAI learns from your choices. The more messages you sort manually into different Timelines, the more accurate the automatic sorting will become.

But what do I do if I don’t have any messages or Timelines yet at all?

Help TimelinesAI to learn your preferences. 

  1. Import as many important messages as you feel comfortable sorting manually, preferably from a wide range of topics/participants; 
  2. Sort messages into the appropriate Timelines to give our automatic sorting an initial clue. The app will take it from there.

In the future, you may be asked to sort messages for yourself again, but your every sorting decision helps TimelinesAI to do better in the future.  

How do I import messages into Timelines?

Forward the appropriate message to the address of your Inbox in TimelinesAI.

The address over the Timelines list in the main screen is your Inbox address


To make the process easier, use our add-on for G-mail. It enables you to import the whole thread of emails at once. Since it is an add-on and not an extension, it works in whatever browser you use and even on mobile, as long as you use google’s official Gmail client.

To learn how to import messages from WhatsApp, please read this short guide.

Right now the only way is to send the WhatsApp chat archives via e-mail to your Inbox’ address, but we are working on the WhatsApp business add-on that would work similar to G-mail add-on.

Do I need to forward messages manually every time I want to import them into Timelines? 

Since the TimelinesAI Inbox enables you to use the single e-mail address, you may configure the forwarding rules in your email client for this to happen automatically.

Such an option also enables you to decide what messages you want to send into Timelines on a granular level. While you could also simply route all your upcoming messages into Timelines, we advise setting rules that will allow no spam and let only the most important messages into the system. These rules can help to leave private or sensitive messages out of Timelines.

Here’s a short guide on how to set up automatic forwarding into Timelines using G-mail.

How to import the e-mails that I had in my inbox before I started using TimelinesAI?

Nice question. We are considering to implement the proper integration with the e-mail clients which would enable you to upload all or any of your previous e-mails into TimelinesAI automatically. 

But this also increases the cost of user maintenance for us as there may be a lot of messages to store. Which means this would be a premium feature.

If you want us to consider your vote for introducing the fully automated integration with your e-mail client, please let us know.

It would be great if you mentioned what e-mail client you use (G-mail, Thunderbird, etc.) and any specific requests of how it should work for you (importing rules, etc.) 

Thanks for taking your time to read through!

Do you have any questions that this FAQ didn’t answer? Please contact us in chat, I will be glad to help! 

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