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Importing WhatsApp messages into Timelines

Kyrylo Taranenko

Kyrylo Taranenko

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction

Kyrylo Taranenko

I wear many hats at TimelinesAI in order to hear from our users and help the development team choose the right direction
Kyrylo Taranenko

TimelinesAI enables you to import your messages from Whatsapp by using Whatsapp Web. This is useful in case you need to save the important discussion, view email and Whatsapp messages in one place or share them with your team.

As we currently support this integration w/ the extension for Chrome, make sure that:

1) You have the Chrome browser installed
2) You have the TimelinesAI for Whatsapp extension installed
3) You have logged into your Whatsapp account on Whatsapp Web

Note: if you have installed the extension, logged in to Whatsapp Web and don’t see the new menu to the right (like on the screenshot below), you need to reload the window and the menu will show up.  

How to Import Your Whatsapp Messages Using Our Chrome extension for Whatsapp Web:


Get our extension for Whatsapp


TimelinesAI extension for Whatsapp Web enables you to import the whole chat or selected messages into the Timeline of choice. It works similar to our add-on for G-mail. 

To import the messages with the help of our Chrome extension, open your Whatsapp account on Whatsapp Web.

Open the chat, select your workspace and the relevant Timeline and press “Export” – all the messages will be copied into the app.

If you want to share only several messages and not the whole chat, you may select the messages that you want to share and press Export:

It is useful when you need to save the important discussion, combine Whatsapp messages with e-mail or share them with your team.

In case you already have other messages within your Timeline (e-mails or other chats), everything will be sorted out in a chronological order automatically.

Supported types of attachments:

  • Images (up to 3 per message) – we’re working on supporting Galleries importing
  • Voice messages
  • Documents (any format)

Known limitations:

  • Please don’t close or switch the chat while the importing is in progress (in case the history is big, it may take several minutes);
  • No contacts or video import yet – we’re working on adding them along with the Galleries support.

That’s it!

The section below explains more in-depth details to help you in case something in using the extension will be not obvious for you.

How To Update Your Timeline With New Messages From Whatsapp

If you have new messages in your chat and you want to add them to the messages you have imported previously, you can do it in either of ways:

  • If you open the chat and press “Export” with the Timeline that is assigned to this chat, all new messages will get imported automatically.
  • If you only want to add several messages, you may select them and press “import selected messages”:

You can also set the date limit and import messages up to a specific day. To do that, just select the date in the calendar menu.

How to import messages into a new Timeline from Whatsapp Web

Recently we have added an option to create a new Timeline right from the chat menu. 

To do that, open the chat that you want to import, and in the Timeline dropdown menu select “+Add new Timeline”. Give it an appropriate name and use any of the options described above (full import, only selected messages or only message for a given day) to fill the Timeline with messages.

How to collaborate on messages from Whatsapp after you have imported them into TimelinesAI

With TimelinesAI, you can invite your teammates to see the updates and new messages in a timeline, share messages with links, exchange comments, set reminders and assign them as tasks.

Read the Getting started article to learn how to do it in detail. 


  • Does it only work for Chrome and Whatsapp Web? What about mobile/desktop applications?

Yes, our integration works with Whatsapp Web via the extension for Chrome. We don’t plan to release any mobile or desktop applications at the moment. 

The integration with Whatsapp Web is the only way that is 100% compatible with Whatsapp Terms of Service, as we don’t use any API to connect with it.

The format of Chrome extension allows us to enable you with rich functionality that Whatsapp doesn’t have (full chat export in one click, the export of selected messages or messages for a given day, export to PDF, sharing messages via links, etc.).

We’re also working on the automated way to import messages from Whatsapp that wouldn’t require your managers to remember to update the Timelines with new messages. 

  • I installed the Whatsapp extension but I don’t see the new menu on Whatsapp Web. Why?

Try reloading your window. This should help. If it doesn’t help, please reach out to us for assistance.

  • Is there a way to import several chats at once?

The integration works on the per-chat basis, which means that you need to finish the export of the previous chat to start importing messages from the other chats. 

  • Do I or my managers need to import messages manually every time? 

For now, yes. But our users say it is still the most convenient way to backup and share messages from their individual Whatsapp accounts, without the risk of exposing unwanted/private messages by mistake.

We’re working on the way to automate the process for you and your team.

  • I have other questions or suggestions?

Read our FAQ article or reach out to us in the Intercom chat to your right, or at

If you have a feature request, please submit it on our Roadmap.

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