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Initech Case Study: Transparency And Control For Whatsapp Communication In Our Company

Ishay Tentser
Ishay Tentser, Initech CEO

My name is Ishay, I am a startup advisor with vast experience in innovation and startup mentoring in Israel and Europe accelerators such as Horizon 2020, TechStars, and MassChallenge.

I also manage Initech, an Israeli-based outsource software development company. 

Since we started scaling our business, we had to let go of a lot of customer-facing communication and delegate it to our managers. It is hard to stay in control of relations with your clients when the middleman is involved. Especially so when your clients prefer to use Whatsapp as a main communication channel with your brand. Whatsapp is so popular in Israel and many other countries that our clients often prefer it over email to communicate with our team.

Whatsapp is a blind spot for customer relations

Using messengers to connect with your clients and prospects enables you to get their attention and discuss important matters fast. But it turned to be a complete blind spot for managing our business. 

Important files and messages often get lost in the messaging noise. It took us 4-5 hours per week on meetings just to stay on top of relations with our clients. Gathering relevant information from Whatsapp was hard and time-consuming for our managers, too. They would scroll each chat manually for minutes to find it and sometimes even failed to do that.

This would eventually lead to the loss of huge parts of data from relations with our clients since nobody but one manager had access to chats with specific clients. 

And what if this manager would quit our company? The years of knowledge, messages, and files from the clients would be lost forever.  That’s why we developed our own solution called TimelinesAI.

How TimelinesAI helps to bring transparency into communication with our clients

Since we started using TimelinesAI, it helps us in a lot of ways.

Our managers automated the reporting of their communication with customers and clients from Whatsapp and Gmail. It saves them time and enables them to focus on managing the projects and reduce downtime in discussing operational things.

In turn, we are always updated about the negotiations with each client.  

Our team gets easy access to files and documents from business communication on Whatsapp, and we retain all of this information at our company’s domain to future-proof our growth.

Instead of wasting 3-5 hours every week on meeting updates, our managers can share a link with extracts from the chat on demand. The advanced search enables us to find any message and file momentarily. 

The best part is that we keep access to the history of relations with all of our clients, regardless of the channel used to communicate with them. As a result, it takes us one click to onboard a new manager to lead the long-term client. The context can be easily shared with the whole company or specific team members, and there is no danger of losing it if someone quits.

Is TimelinesAI meant to replace your CRM?

TimelinesAI can be used as a central communication hub on its own (in case you don’t have a CRM yet), but it easily integrates with the tools that you already use, and complements the data in a CRM very well.

We believe that work with your clients doesn’t end when you win them. The most valuable information comes from the long-term cooperation, deals, and agreements. This data is extremely important to retain your clients for longer and to fuel the growth of your business. With Timelines, you have complete retention and control over communication with your clients, on email and messengers alike. 

Now we’re looking to connect with business owners and managers like yourself to find out if you share the pain points that we aim to solve. 

Does your team use Whatsapp to communicate with your clients? Do you want to achieve transparency in customer-facing communication in your company? Let’s talk!


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I have co-founded TimelinesAI to help managers and CEOs review communication in no time and share the most important business messages across the whole team with ease.

Ishay Tentser

I have co-founded TimelinesAI to help managers and CEOs review communication in no time and share the most important business messages across the whole team with ease.

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