Close CRM and WhatsApp integration for multiple numbers

Connect multiple WhatsApp numbers smoothly to Close CRM! Every WhatsApp conversation is instantly updated in Close CRM.

Automatically sync new WhatsApp chats to Leads/ Contacts in Close CRM
Keep your current WhatsApp numbers, personal or business
Send WhatsApp messages through Close CRM
Send auto-tailored WhatsApp messages when any event triggers in Close CRM

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TimelinesAI – A Comprehensive WhatsApp Management Solution for Multiple Numbers

We provide a diverse set of tools for businesses that use numerous individual WhatsApp numbers. Register and get a fully functional free trial.


24/7 Live Chat Support
Our live chat support is available around the clock to assist you with onboarding through live chat and demo sessions. We are proficient in English, Spanish, Russian, and over 80 other languages in our support chat.


Start in Minutes
No prior preparations required - simply scan a QR code, invite your team, and begin using the solution instantly. Test it without any charges or the need for a credit card.


Tailored Trial and Onboarding
We are happy to personalize your trial experience. Whether you want to connect more than 100 numbers or require CRM/ATS integration, we have you covered.


Pre-Trial Consultation
We highly value your time. Share your integration requirements with us, and we will identify the optimal solution for your needs!

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Automate Lead or Contatcs Creation in Close CRM

Say goodbye to manual data entry and instantly transform new WhatsApp chats into Leads within Close CRM.

Instantly convert new WhatsApp chats into Leads 

Real-time synchronization
One-click set up
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Manage WhatsApp chats seamlessly from Close CRM

Interact, respond, and manage your WhatsApp conversations without ever leaving Close CRM.

Send messages right from CRM with our Chrome extension

Preview WhatsApp messages directly in Close CRM

Add any kind of attachments
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Automated Sending WhatsApp messages when something triggers your CRM

Create personalized WhatsApp messages that are sent automatically based on events in Close CRM.

Send automated Welcome messages
Sens bulk WhatsApp messages
Create WhatsApp sequences

Get a Shared inbox for multiple WhatsApp numbers

Whether it's your personal or business WhatsApp number, integrate them all. Have chats from all your WhatsApp numbers in one inbox and manage them with the team.

One-click connection
Work with both regular and business WhatsApp numbers
Statistic dashboard on your WhatsApp messaging
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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about WhatsApp to Close CRM integration

How do I get started with the integration?

Getting started is easy! Simply scan a QR code to connect WhatsApp, invite your team members, and you can begin using the integration immediately.

Can I connect multiple WhatsApp numbers to synchronize WhatsApp communication of my agents into Close CRM?

Yes. To connect multiple WhatsApp accounts to TimelinesAI, invite your team members into the TimelinesAI app, and ask them to connect their WhatsApp numbers by scanning the system-generated QR code on the WhatsApp tab.

What if I have specific integration requirements?

We understand that each business is unique. If you have specific integration requirements, you can send them to us, and we will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Does your integration support attachments?

Yes, TimelinesAI supports any kind of attachment from WhatsApp.

Is it possible to send mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp through your app?

Yes, you can upload the custom CSV/ Excel list to send the Mass messaging campaign on Whatsapp to your contacts.

What kind of support is available during onboarding?

We provide 24/7 live chat support to assist you with onboarding, answer questions, and offer demo sessions. Our support team can communicate in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and over 80 others.

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