Connect your WhatsApp numbers to with TimelinesAI

Experience effortless communication by integrating WhatsApp and through TimelinesAI. Boost your sales processes, team collaboration, and maintain smooth communication.

Easily reach out to your customers on WhatsApp
Automatically update with new incoming messages
Send personalized WhatsApp messages tailored to your audience
Manage your integration effortlessly

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Experience the power of integration between and WhatsApp

Explore the possibilities of integrating WhatsApp and with TimelinesAI to revolutionize your customer communication. Don't miss out on this opportunity to create personalized and automated experiences for your customers.


Tailored Trial and Onboarding
We are happy to personalize your trial experience. Whether you want to connect more than 100 numbers or require extra time for setup, we have you covered.


24/7 Live Chat Support
Our dedicated live chat support is at your service around the clock. From guiding you through the onboarding process to conducting live demos, our multilingual team is proficient in English, Spanish, Russian, and over 80 other languages.


Connect WhatsApp to Your CRM Easily
TimelinesAI connects WhatsApp to many CRM systems, so your customer info syncs automatically. No more typing it in yourself.


WhatsApp Zapier integration
Easily connect WhatsApp to a wide range of over 1000 different tools and applications through our native Zapier integration.

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WhatsApp campaigns from customerio

Easily Send WhatsApp Messages in Your Campaigns

You can now send WhatsApp messages within any campaign or broadcast where WhatsApp messages are allowed. No more waiting for template approval. Send personalized messages and even broadcast them on WhatsApp.

No need for template pre-approval 

Send highly personalized messages to your customer
Reach a broader audience by sending broadcast messages on WhatsApp
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update customerio when new chat on whatsapp

Stay Updated in for New WhatsApp Chats

TimelinesAI WhatsApp Zapier integration keeps you in the loop by updating whenever you receive new chats on WhatsApp.

Automatically update with new incoming chats from WhatsApp

For every new incoming message on WhatsApp, create a corresponding event in

set up trigger in customerio

Automate Your WhatsApp Messages

With, you can effortlessly create automated WhatsApp messages, drip campaigns, and create sequence messages.

Set up automatic responses that kick in when users take certain actions
Deliver messages at the perfect times
Boost user engagement by using intelligent automation
filter your chats in customerio

Streamline Your Marketing with & WhatsApp Integration

You can effortlessly connect your marketing automation with WhatsApp. This means you can automatically send WhatsApp messages when customers take certain actions.

Send WhatsApp messages to specific segment of customers you’ve created
Filter customers based on specific events they’ve taken
Sort your customers by the dates they’ve interacted with you
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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about WhatsApp to integration

How do I get started with TimelinesAI?

Getting started is easy! Simply scan a QR code to connect WhatsApp, and invite your team members.

How can I stay updated with new WhatsApp chats in

Our TimelinesAI WhatsApp Zapier integration keeps you informed by updating whenever you receive new chats on WhatsApp.

Can I automate my WhatsApp messages with

TimelinesaI allows you to effortlessly create automated WhatsApp messages, drip campaigns, and message sequences. You can set up automatic responses triggered by user actions

Is template pre-approval required for sending WhatsApp messages?

No, there’s no need for template pre-approval when sending WhatsApp messages through this integration.

Is it possible to send mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp through your app?

Yes, you can mass messages from or TimelinesAI.

What kind of support is available during onboarding?

We provide 24/7 live chat support to assist you with onboarding, answer questions, and offer demo sessions. Our support team can communicate in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and over 80 others.

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