Terms and conditions

Last revised: September, 2022


The following terms and conditions are regarding the website of TimelinesAI and the product TimelinesAI. In order to use the website and the product, you need to agree to all the statements below, with no objections or modifications to the terms and conditions or regarding any of the operating rules and policies.

Please read this agreement carefully before you access or proceed to use the website and/or the product TimelinesAI. If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions, and the policies of TimelinesAI, you may not access or use the website and the product.



The product TimelinesAI is billed on a subscription basis. The subscription is monthly / yearly (billing period of month or year) and the payment is collected at the time of subscribing and after the first billing period on the same date every following billing period. After being renewed, the subscription will continue under the same conditions as the previous billing period.

The supplied payment method needs to be present and valid at all times, otherwise, the subscription will be terminated. The customer should provide accurate and complete billing information. Once provided with the billing information and payment method, TimelinesAI is authorized to and will automatically collect the fee for the subscription every month. 

The subscription will last until it’s terminated by the customer or TimelinesAI. It can be terminated at every given moment and can be renewed immediately after.


Subscription fee changes

TimelinesAI keeps its right to change the amount of the fee and/or features and/or limitations at any time. The users will be informed in advance and will be given the choice to terminate their subscription or continue using the product with the new price and/or features and/or limitations of the subscription.



Unless required by law, the subscription fees are nonrefundable.



When creating an account, the user needs to provide accurate and complete data. Failing to do so is in breach of the Terms and Conditions stated here.

TimelinesAI is not responsible for safeguarding passwords. The user must not share their password with third parties. If they do so, the user is responsible for any further damage or loss. In case of breach of security or unauthorized use of the customer’s account, the user must immediately inform the team of TimelinesAI.

The users agree not to hack other accounts or damage TimelinesAI property and TimelinesAI as a product.


Data retention

Users on the Pipedrive Integration plan will have access to the history of messaging with each contact on TimelinesAI for up to one month backwards.

Users on the Shared Inbox and Mass messaging & Automation plan will have access to the history of messaging with each contact on TimelinesAI for up to 6 months backwards.

TimelinesAI keeps its right to remove any or all user data, including messaging history, after termination of paid subscription or trial period.



TimelinesAI is an independently operated service that is not endorsed or affiliated to WhatsApp or Meta. TimelinesAI does not take responsibility for the practices and policies of WhatsApp.

TimelinesAI is not responsible for the personal WhatsApp account of the user or what purposes the product is used for. TimelinesAI is not responsible or liable, in case of suspension or termination of the user’s WhatsApp account by WhatsApp due to the activities executed by the user.



The use of TimelinesAI is solely a risk taken by the user. TimelinesAI product can be used from any location and at any time. TimelinesAI invests resources and efforts to ensure high level of performance and reliability. However, TimelinesAI does not take responsibility for the product being interrupted or unavailable at times. TimelinesAI will inform its users in case of maintenance of the website and/or the product unless it being an emergency.


Governing law

These Terms and Conditions are governed and construed in accordance with the Israel law system.



TimelinesAI reserves the right to modify and/or replace the Terms and Conditions at any given moment. TimelinesAI will provide details to its users about any changes in the terms and policies of TimelinesAI. Once the changes become functional, the users must agree with the changes. If not, the users must terminate to use of the product TimelinesAI.


Privacy Policy

Before using the product, the user must read and agree with the Privacy Policy of TimelinesAI.