TimelinesAI Whatsapp Integration & Automation features

Automate your processes with TimelinesAI, manage WhatsApp for your business and improve your sales and customer support teams. You can create your rules on WhatsApp and focus on business growth.

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Connect Multiple Whatsapp Numbers

Connect WhatsApp to CRM

Set the integration once, and always get automatic updates into your CRM. Your team will always know if there are any special deals, offers, or meaningful discussions with your clients. TimelinesAI supports the connection of multiple Whatsapp numbers and groups.

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unpload csv file

Use Whatsapp Mass Messaging for your business

You can send mass marketing messages to your contacts. You can upload a CSV list with contact numbers and send the Mass messaging campaign on Whatsapp. If there was no previous communication with the person, TimelinesAI will automatically start a new chat.

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Connect Whatsapp

Manage Multiple Whatsapp Workspaces

Your users can gain shared access to the Whatsapp account from multiple devices. You can connect a Whatsapp account to up to 4 additional Whatsapp Web or Desktop applications of your employees. Connect Shared Inbox and review how your team members communicate with your clients.

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multiple accounts

Connect multiple WhatsApp accounts

At TimelinesAI, you can connect over one Whatsapp number to share access with the rest of the team and manage the Whatsapp accounts in one workspace. Invite your team via email and let them scan a QR code and Communicate with your customers via Single or Multiple WhatsApp Numbers for your Business.

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Automate routine messages and notifications

Automate your marketing and sales process, reduce manual labor time and take your business to the next level. With TimelinesAI Zapier Integration, your team can automate anything about Pipedrive and Whatsapp via TimelinesAI if it’s available on Zapier.

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Improve your sales and support with TimelinesAI

Share your Whatsapp with multiple agents in your team, connect to your CRM, automate messages, manage contacts from Whatsapp collectively, exchange comments, set reminders, and send bulk replies. Try it for free!

Frequently asked questions

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Does it support attachments?

Yes, with TimelinesAI, you can send all kinds of attachments from WhatsApp (images, videos, voice records, and files).

Can I connect only a business account?

You can connect regular and business WhatsApp numbers. No Whatsapp Business API is required.


Does it support group chats?

Yes, TimelinesAI enables your team to reply to regular and group chats. You may try it for free on the TimelinesAI app.

How do I distinguish chats from different Whatsapp numbers if I want to see only my chats?

You can create a filtered view by applying filter criteria by phone number.

What is the maximum amount of numbers I can add?

As many as you need depending on the plan, TimelinesAI pricing is based on seats, and one seat enables a user to connect one Whatsapp account.

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