Exchange Internal Comments and Notes on Whatsapp

You can use internal comments, which will be visible in your workspace but not seen by the clients on Whatsapp. It’s a great way to keep your teammates updated, ask for advice or help or delegate some of the tasks to the relevant team members.

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Exchange internal comments with your teammates right from the chat

If you want Timelines to notify a teammate about the comment, you may mention anyone from your workspace by using @ and adding their email. It allows your agents to ask for help from other team members if the agent doesn’t know how to respond to a client’s request.

Use notes that the customers do not see

If you just need to leave a general comment not addressed to anyone, you can leave a note in the chat without tagging any of the team members. Notes will be visible to team members but will not be visible to clients. You may try it for free on the TimelinesAI app.

Discuss internal stuff relevant to the chat with team members

You can discuss issues with team members directly in chat with the customer. To do this, you need to write a comment and tag a particular team member, after reading your comment, your team member can also answer you. Your discussion will not be visible to the customer.

Work with team in TimelinesAI Whatsapp CRM integration and Whatsapp Shared Inbox

You can easily manage your chats: rename chats, assign a chat to team members, and sort the chat list by a responsible teammate. Try for free on the TimelinesAI app.  

Frequently asked questions

Any questions? We've got some answers!

How long does it take to set up Whatsapp to share with my team?

It takes ~ 5 minutes to start working on Whatsapp with your team on TimelinesAI.  All you need to do is connect your number and invite your agents to collaborate.

Will internal comments be visible on WhatsApp?

No, the comments are not sent to Whatsapp, which makes them useful to discuss or clarify internal stuff relevant to the chat.


What is the maximum amount of numbers I can add?

As many as you need depending on the plan, TimelinesAI pricing is based on seats, and one seat enables a user to connect to one Whatsapp account.

What if I don’t want to share personal messages on WhatsApp with team members?

It’s possible to deactivate the sync for selected personal contacts, so the messages with them won’t appear on TimelinesAI and won’t get synced to a CRM.

Can I try TimelinesAI for free?

Yes, we offer 10 days of a free trial, no credit card is required. Connect your Whatsapp profile for free on the TimelinesAI app.