Export Whatsapp Contacts into CSV

With TimelinesAI, you can quickly download a CSV file with your contacts and their data. This data includes contact names, phone numbers, labels, etc. It will help you to save the contact information and also filter the contacts in the file as you need.

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Export contacts into CSV files

In order to export contacts, you need to select the Contacts export tab and download a CSV with all the data about the contacts from your workspace. If suddenly an important contact is removed from your contact list, you will always have a backup copy.

Save important Whatsapp contacts data

All of your communications take place on WhatsApp and you want to have a copy of important information in a separate document. Then with TimelinesAI you can download a file with contact data in one click. Try for free on the TimelinesAI app.

Filter or map the columns in your CSV file

After you download the CSV file of your contacts, you can set filters or map the columns in your file. It allows you to manage contact data and compare them according to the criteria you need.

Send a CSV mass messaging campaign to new and existing contacts

You can upload a CSV list with contact numbers and send them a mass messaging campaign. If you didn’t have a messaging history with a contact, TimelinesAI will initiate a new chat automatically.

Frequently asked questions

Any questions? We've got some answers!

Can I use my own number with your app? Does it work with Whatsapp business or personal numbers?

Yes, you can connect your own number. As a benefit, you also get to upload your Whatsapp chat history. This way, even if you decide to switch from using Whatsapp, the messaging with your clients will remain searchable and accessible to you and your team. TimelinesAI works with any type of Whatsapp numbers.

Can I only see chats that are assigned to me?

 Yes, you can create a new filter for your chats and groups.

How long does it take to set up Whatsapp to share with my team on TimelinesAI?

It takes ~5 minutes to start working on Whatsapp with your team on TimelinesAI. The app uses the Whatsapp Web connection, so all you need to do is connect your number and invite your agents to collaborate.  Connect your Whatsapp number with no code.

Can I send bulk replies?

Yes. You can select the contacts you want to send a Bulk Reply Campaign to by check-marking the relevant chats from the chat list or selecting them from created before Filtered view and sending messages in bulk.

Can I try TimelinesAI for free?

Yes, we offer 10 days of a free trial, no credit card is required. Connect your Whatsapp profile for free on the TimelinesAI app.