Make Every Chat Count

Automatically capture all the business-related chats from the individual Whatsapp accounts of your employees. Stay on top of business communication in your company, improve your team’s performance and make informed decisions to help your business grow.

Bring back control over business communication that happens on Whatsapp

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Support virtual office and remote work

Whatsapp collaboration

Empower Customer-Facing Employees

Whatsapp automation

Eliminate legal disputes

Whatsapp automation

Supercharge the collaboration

Access chats from individual Whatsapp accounts

Ensure Compliance

Automatically log only business-related materials

Improve relations with your clients

Whatsapp collaboration

Efficient From Day One

Whatsapp collaboration

Improve relations with your clients

Control the communication around projects, partnerships and prospects. Get day-to-day updates about milestones, achievements and bottlenecks that need your attention.

Supercharge the collaboration in your company

Remove the operational downtime between your managers. Enable them to collectively access the results of outbound communication to react faster. 

Ensure Compliance

Enable your employees to use their Whatsapp accounts for work interactions while respecting the privacy of their private interactions. Log only business-related chats and documents. 

Eliminate legal disputes

Claim the ownership of the data that belongs to your company. Store and access Whatsapp communication with your clients across the whole organization.

Make your employees more efficient

Get insights about your customer-facing team’s KPIs. Easily transfer knowledge from one manager to another. Empower your managers with a tool designed to act on results of communication with your clients.   

Support virtual office/remote work

Passing context is difficult on remote or cross-team. Important details get lost in translation or take lots of time to discuss. Enable your team to access business-critical communication without loss.

Get a Complete View of Communication with Your Clients

Achieve Automation, Transparency and Efficient Teamwork for Whatsapp

Automatic importing and sorting

All documents and files supported

Accessible by the entire organization or specific teams members

Privacy-first by design

Works with the tools you already use

Easily connect to your CRM or use the system on its own