Creating WhatsApp chat links to connect with your social media audience

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging platforms, with over 2 billion monthly active users.

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Creating a WhatsApp link is easy, just follow these steps:​


Enter your country code without the + symbol and your WhatsApp Business number.


You can add a pre-filled welcome message if you wish.


Finally, click on the ‘Generate WhatsApp Chat Link’ button. It’s that easy!

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Benefits of using WhatsApp links

Sharing link via WhatsApp for your Social Media

Boost customer engagement

Sharing link via WhatsApp for your Social Media

Streamline Communication

Sharing link via WhatsApp for your Social Media

Provides better support

Sharing link via WhatsApp for your Social Media

Increase Conversion

Sharing link via WhatsApp for your Social Media

Easy to create and share

WhatsApp linking for Social Media Audience

Promotion and Marketing

With customizable WhatsApp links, connecting with your audience is easier than ever. Integrate them into your business today to unlock the power of messaging.

How to Use WhatsApp Links for Business?

WhatsApp links have many business applications across sales, marketing, and support:
Chat links for your social media

Add to your website and emails to encourage contact

Chat links for your social media

Share on social media to generate leads

Chat links for your social media

Send to existing contacts to send announcements

Chat Bot icon Robot Virtual assistant Bot vector illustration

Integrate with a chatbot to enable automatic responses

TimelinesAI — WhatsApp management solution for multiple numbers

TimelinesAI helps businesses with multiple individual numbers gain 360° visibility & boost performance on WhatsApp.
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Frequently asked questions

A WhatsApp chat link is a URL that, when clicked, allows users to join a specific WhatsApp group or initiate a chat. It simplifies the process of connecting with your audience by eliminating the need for manual invitations.

Creating a WhatsApp chat link is easy. Open the WhatsApp group, tap on the group name, go to “Invite to Group via Link,” and generate the link. Share this link with your social media audience to invite them to join your group.

Yes, WhatsApp offers privacy controls for group links. You can choose to set the link to expire after a certain period or limit the number of uses. This ensures better control over who can join your group.

Share the link directly on your social media profiles, posts, or stories. You can also include it in newsletters, emails, or other digital communications to reach a broader audience.

Absolutely! WhatsApp chat links are an effective tool for business promotion. Share links for product launches, events, or special promotions to engage with your social media audience and drive participation.

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