Easily organize and share information from business e-mails

Save the most important messages from your business communication into a dedicated timeline.
Retain and share access to selected messages instead of forwarding them back and forth.

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A lot of work in the modern business world gets discussed and approved via e-mail and messengers. TimelinesAI enables you to organize the most important messages to easily find them later, review and share access with your team or clients.

How it works

What you get using TimelinesAI

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Get access to view messaging with your clients

All the communication and attachments get organized per client or per project, accessible by any member of your team.

Easily update your team on your messaging from Whatsapp 28

Review the most important emails and corresponding files in minutes

Stay on top of the latest updates. Save time on meetings - come prepared to discuss the next steps.


Act on the relevant information quickly and conveniently

Easily find the relevant messages and files, discuss them right in-app, or share links with the rest of your team.

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Claim the ownership on the data that belongs to your company

The history of relations with your clients is a valuable resource that must not depend on the profiles of your employees. TimelinesAI enables you with a dedicated workspace to store and access the information across your entire team.


Use Cases:

  • Store the most important messages from your e-mailing. Quickly find and access your agreements, negotiations, and work discussions. Provide links to selected messages as a reference.
  • Share links to selected messages in your reports. Your team members will get easy access to review and make decisions with all the fluff removed.
  • Combine e-mails from different threads, Whatsapp messages and other channels and view them in one place.
  • If you manage a team, get shared a link to the Timeline and review the communication 10x faster. Saves time on meetings as well!
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Organize and view messages&attachments from different channels in one page


Share dedicated links instead of forwarding


Make information accessible to entire organization or specific team members


Grant temporary access with limited rights


Document most important messaging with teammates, clients, contractors, suppliers and government


Other Integrations: automatic importing for e-mail, addon for WhatsApp


Soon: Slack integration, Zapier integration

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