TimelinesAI — WhatsApp management solution for multiple numbers

TimelinesAI helps businesses with multiple individual numbers gain 360° visibility & boost performance on WhatsApp.
No WhatsApp API required | 2 minute setup
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Connect your Whatsapp number in 1 minute with no code


Scan the QR code with your Whatsapp mobile
app to start your registration

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Whatsapp is the most direct way to reach out to your clients. But it may be difficult to keep up with all communication in your company as you grow.

We created Timelines to help you easily manage Whatsapp as a team, review all chats in one place, and control the data about relations with your clients from Whatsapp.

What you get using TimelinesAI

One Inbox for Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

Get MultiDevice WhatsApp Inbox to manage all contacts in one place

Messages and contacts from multiple WhatsApp devices get synced automatically. Your agents will be able to manage all contacts in one place, even if you connect multiple WhatsApp numbers.
Team settings

Create Isolated Teams in One Workspace

Unlock the ability to create distinct teams within a single workspace, streamlining organization and collaboration. Dive into the enhanced experience of tailored teams, roles in one centralized workspace.
native whatsapp crm integration

Integrate WhatsApp with your CRM systems in a few clicks

TimelinesAI offers Native CRM integrations, empowering you to effortlessly oversee WhatsApp business communications directly within your CRM platform.
Connect Whatsapp

Set your agents ready for Whatsapp collaboration in two minutes

Connecting a Whatsapp device to TimelinesAI is easy. You just need to scan the QR code with your WA application and you’re ready to work.
Start New Chat on Whatsapp

Enable your agents to start new chats right from web interface

Your agents can start a new 1 on 1 conversation from TimelinesAI interface using your Whatsapp numbers.
Whatsapp Quick Reply for teams

Improve your sales with pre-defined templates accessible to the entire team

Create the template messages or snippets for your Whatsapp messaging. Quick reply templates can be used for Start new chat and bulk reply features as well.
Whatsapp Bulk reply feature 1

Send broadcast messages to segments of your clients in bulk on WhatsApp

TimelinesAI enables you to send bulk messages to contacts that have previously communicated with your business or agents. It’s like sending an email campaign, but on Whatsapp! Create custom lists to update specific segments of your customers on your new services without the limitations of Whatsapp Business.
Group chat

Supports Group Chats

TimelinesAI enables your team to reply to regular and group chats, share links to messages, exchange comments, and set follow up reminders.
whatsapp chatgpt autoresponder

ChatGPT and WhatsApp autoresponder

Looking to automate your entry-level communication with ChatGPT? We got you covered. Seamless integration with a fully configurable prompt and settings. Create WhatsApp and ChatGpt Autoresponder in just a few minutes. Ask in support chat to enable WhatsApp and ChatGpt Autoresponder.
chatGPT chat summary

Generate a WhatsApp Chat Summary with ChatGPT

With the ChatGPT Integration on TimelinesAI, you can generate a chat thread summary, to get a brief overview of a conversation with your contacts on WhatsApp.
whatsapp message history

Send WhatsApp messages and continue conversations directly from your CRM / ATS with TimelinesAI WhatsApp chrome extension

Our WhatsApp direct message chrome extension will automatically detect phone numbers from your CRM or any other webpage and provides you easy access to WhatsApp conversations.
chatGPT chat summary

Get WhatsApp business reporting

TimelinesAI provides businesses with key metrics to help evaluate the effectiveness of WhatsApp business communications.  It includes messaging statistics, response times, performance insights, etc.

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your customer communication strategy. 

Easily integrate Whatsapp with the tools you already use

Leverage the power of webhooks, Zapier or Integromat to automatically sync
your data from Whatsapp and keep records up to date.

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What TimelinesAI is useful for?

TimelinesAI is useful to share Whatsapp with multiple agents in your team. You can connect multiple Whatsapp devices and manage all contacts in one place.



Organize and view messages&attachments from different Whatsapp numbers in one place


Share messages with dedicated easy to read pages instead of forwarding


Make information accessible to entire organization or specific team members


Grant temporary access with limited rights


Document most important messaging with teammates, clients, contractors, suppliers and government


Unify several related chats into one view; combine emails and Whatsapp messages, add notes to complement the communication.


CRM integrations

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about automatic HubSpot and WhatsApp integration

Can WhatsApp be integrated with CRM?

Sure, TimelinesAI provides one-click WhatsApp integrations with the following CRMs:

How do I connect WhatsApp Business to CRM?

TimelinesAI enables you to integrate WhatsApp HubSpot, in one click:

  1. Install TimelinesAI – WhatsApp and HubSpot sync from the HubSpot marketplace.
  2. Connect your WhatsApp account to TimelinesAI by scanning the system-generated QR code with your WhatsApp mobile application.
  3. Press “Connect” on the HubSpot Integration page inside the App.

That’s it! From this moment, the WhatsApp messaging from the connected WhatsApp account will be automatically synchronized into corresponding HubSpot’s Contacts and Deals. Matching happens automatically based on the WhatsApp number of your contacts. For new contacts that aren’t yet created in your CRM, Contacts and Deals will be created automatically (optional).

Please visit complete HubSpot and WhatsApp installation guide for more information.

Does it work with regular WhatsApp numbers? WhatsApp business numbers?

TimelinesAI – HubSpot and WhatsApp integration works with any type of WhatsApp accounts. Simply connect your WhatsApp account by scanning the system-generated QR code, and your contacts and messaging from WhatsApp will be synchronized into HubSpot automatically.

How do I send WhatsApp messages from HubSpot?

You can use our free WhatsApp Chrome extension, which allows you to send and preview WhatsApp messages right from HubSpot

Can I connect multiple WhatsApp numbers to synchronize WhatsApp communication of my agents into HubSpot?

Yes. If you connect multiple WhatsApp accounts to TimelinesAI app, all WhatsApp messaging will be seamlessly synchronized into HubSpot.

To connect multiple WhatsApp accounts to TimelinesAI, invite your team members into the TimelinesAI app, and ask them to connect their WhatsApp numbers by scanning the system-generated QR code on the WhatsApp tab. If your TimelinesAI workspace is already connected to HubSpot, new messages from connected WhatsApp numbers will be synchronized into HubSpot.

How much does HubSpot and WhatsApp integration cost?

The pricing starts at $25/mo. Annual discounts apply. Learn more about the plans on the Pricing page.

How to use TimelinesAI WhatsApp and HubSpot with Zapier?

To connect Zapier with HubSpot follow the next steps:
  1. Register an account on the TimelinesAI app;
  2. Scan QR code to connect your WhatsApp number TimelinesAI app;
  3. Navigate to the Zapier Integration tab;
  4. Generate a new token by pressing the button;

This token should be used for authentication when setting up your Zapier integration. Please go to the TimelinesAI help center to learn more.

Does HubSpot and WhatsApp integration support attachment files (documents, voice messages, etc.)?

Yes. Attachments from your WhatsApp communication will be synchronized into HubSpot and displayed in the corresponding Contacts and Deals.

How does TimelinesAI match contacts from Whatsapp in HubSpot? Will there be a problem with how we are used to format contact numbers? (e.g. including +, country code, etc.)

TimelinesAI matches contact numbers in several steps. First, we try the exact match in a full international format with leading “+”. If there is no match, we start truncating characters from the left side of the number (as a character string) and fuzzy matching against the number saved in HubSpot. We stop, when there are 7 characters left (too few for an accurate match) and consider this as no-match. In this case, a new Contact will be created automatically (if chosen in settings).

In other words, there will generally be no problem with whatever way you’re using to save your contact numbers.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp CRM integration?

  • Automatically sync contacts from WhatsApp to the CRM
  • Automate routine tasks, such as sending automated messages or setting up workflows triggered by customer interactions
  • All WhatsApp conversations and customer data are stored within your CRM, providing a single source of truth for customer information.

Which CRM integrates with WhatsApp?

We have native HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Monday.com integrations. Also, you can integrate with any CRMs with the help of our webhooks and Public API.