TimelinesAI — WhatsApp management solution for multiple numbers

TimelinesAI helps businesses with multiple individual numbers gain 360° visibility & boost performance on WhatsApp.
No WhatsApp API required | 2 minute setup
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Trusted by top businesses worldwide

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What you get using TimelinesAI

Easily integrate Whatsapp with the tools you already use

Leverage the power of webhooks, Zapier or Integromat to automatically sync
your data from Whatsapp and keep records up to date.

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What TimelinesAI is useful for?

TimelinesAI is useful to share Whatsapp with multiple agents in your team. You can connect multiple Whatsapp devices and manage all contacts in one place.

Discover these features firsthand by consulting with our experts


Organize and view messages&attachments from different Whatsapp numbers in one place


Share messages with dedicated easy to read pages instead of forwarding


Make information accessible to entire organization or specific team members


Grant temporary access with limited rights


Document most important messaging with teammates, clients, contractors, suppliers and government


Unify several related chats into one view; combine emails and Whatsapp messages, add notes to complement the communication.


CRM integrations

Frequently asked questions

The contacts limit is based on the total number for contacts from all Whatsapp accounts connected to TimelinesAI workspace. If you connect 2 Whatsapp accounts with 250 contacts each, it means that you have 500 WA contacts total.
We provide your team with some leeway, so no functionality will be paused. If you exceed the total contacts limit in a way it qualifies you for the next tier (from basic plan to Business plan), we will reach out and ask you to upgrade.
Your WA connection and ability to send replies will be paused. When you resume your subscription, all the messages will be synced again so you won’t lose any data.
Yes! If you are a member or run a non-profit or educational institution, please reach out at contact@timelines.ai to receive a discount.
🚀 We have released a new FREE WhatsApp Widget with an option to add multiple contacts!