Check which messages were shared externally

Sharing URL to particular messages

For each message to be shared Timelines creates a separate URL. Teammates can share this URL with other clients or externally.

How to share a message is explained in the article Sharing Whatsapp messages using TimelinesAI

Access and control of shared links

To give a better understanding of which messages were shared, Timelines gives an option to access to the shared links statistics.

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To check the shared links:

  1. In the chat navigate to the right pannel
  2. Click the Sharing links tab
  3. You will be redirected to the Sharing links table

Sharing Links table view

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In the Sharing Links table you can see the following information:

  • Created on – time or generating a URL
  • Created by – name of the teammate who shared a link
  • Preview – short version of the shared message. By clicking on it the whole message is displayed
  • View history – how many times the message URL was open
  • Copy link – the button to copy the link
  • Delete – the button to delete a shared link record from the table

View history

In the View history table, you can see certain details about the shared URL of a message.

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