Checking if the message is synced to PipeDrive

Syncing messages to PipeDrive

TimelinesAI automatically synchronizes the communication with your contacts to Pipedrive.

If there is a Deal connected to the Person on Pipedrive, Whatsapp messages will appear in the Deal’s feed as well.

If there is no Deal connected to the Person, it will be created automatically – it is a custom option that can be disabled in the PipeDrive integration Settings on TimelinesAI.

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See all communication from the newly contacted person in Deal

If there is a new contact messaging you in Timelines they will be syncronised to your PipeDrive. That kind of contact will get a Deal in your PipeDrive with the number instead of the name.


Automatically rename contacts in PipeDrive

If you rename a contact on Whatsapp and TimelinesAI it will be automatically renamed in PipeDrive. However, to trigger this action, that contact should send or receive a message from your WA number connected to Timelines.

See the history of changes of PipeDrive Person in Timelines chat

In Timelines it’s possible to check changes made in a person in PipeDrive.

To see the history of changes of PipeDrive:

  1. Go to the chat you want to check
  2. Hover over a message and click on the three dots icon
  3. Select PipeDrive Log from the drop-down
  4. You will see the details in a new table
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