How to Invite Your Team Members and Collaborate On Whatsapp Chats

Table of Contents

How to invite a teammate

You can invite your teammates in the Account Settings tab. 

By default, they get invited with a “Collaborator” role, so don’t forget to change the role to the “Teammate” if you want them to see all the chats. Here’s the difference:

  • Teammate – can view any chat in the Workspace, update or edit them. Can’t delete the Owner. This role is useful for everyday support and collaboration on Whatsapp.
  • Collaborator – can view only the chats they were specifically shared access to. All the other chats will not be visible to them. Collaborators can only manage the chats they were invited to, and only edit the content created by them. This role is useful for work with contractors or people from other teams.

How to learn who manages a specific chat 


When a new chat from Whatsapp arrives, it is marked as “Unassigned” by default. The user who replies to the chat first will be assigned as Responsible to distinguish the ownership.

You can assign or change the Responsible yourself. The appropriate user will receive a notification, so this feature may be useful to set tasks to manage specific chats. 

How to collaborate with your team: follow up reminders, tasks and comments

To exchange comments with your team member press the speech bubble button. If you want Timelines to notify a person about the comment, you may mention anyone from your workspace by using @ and adding their e-mail. These comments are not sent to Whatsapp, which makes them useful to discuss or clarify internal stuff relevant to the chat.

To set a follow-up reminder press the bell button on the message menu and select the date and time when you wish to receive a reminder. You’ll get an email that contains your note and a link to the message from the chat. 

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