How to Connect Your Whatsapp Number and Share Access With Others

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How to Connect Your Whatsapp Number to TimelinesAI

TimelinesAI is a Shared Inbox for Whatsapp. The app enables you to connect your or someone’s Whatsapp number and share access to manage it across the team. The process is simple and works just like with Whatsapp Web. 

To connect your Whatsapp number or reconnect with another WA account, navigate to the Whatsapp tab and press “Reconnect”. Scan the QR code with the Whatsapp application on your phone, and it will connect automatically. It works the same way if you need to disconnect the active number and connect another one instead. Just scan the QR code with the relevant Whatsapp number, and the app will do the rest. 

Unlike in the regular WA app, if you disconnect your number, TimelinesAI will keep the history of your chats available for read and search in your workspace. This may be useful to maintain the knowledge about client-specific deals and offers in case your business will change the Whatsapp number.  

Once you connect your WA number, Timelines will sync the list of your chats and upload up to 50 messages from each chat. More history may be uploaded on demand when someone from your team scrolls through the specific chat. Once you invite your teammates, they will be able to reply to the incoming messages and use all the collaboration functionality: comments, follow up reminders, assign a responsible, etc. 

How to connect and manage several Whatsapp numbers at once

One user profile can connect one number to the app. So, to connect several numbers, you need to invite another team member to TimelinesAI and ask them to connect their Whatsapp number as described in the beginning of this article.

This will enable you and your team to manage all chats from several numbers in one place. The chats that come from each number will be listed under a separate tab to simplify the navigation and management.

The free trial allows you to connect up to 5 Whatsapp numbers to your workspace. When the trial ends, you’ll need to purchase the Shared Inbox+ plan to continue using all the connected numbers. 

What to do if Whatsapp doesn’t connect right away

Sometimes, Whatsapp may display an error saying that you need to make sure you’re connecting on

To fix it, press “Re-generate the QR code” and try scanning it again. If it doesn’t work, press “Log out from all devices” on your Whatsapp application, re-generate the code on TimelinesAI, and scan it again. It will work.

How to Share Access With Your Team

After you’ve connected your Whatsapp number, invite your teammates in the Account Settings tab.
Read the “How To Manage Chats and Teammates” guide if you want to learn more about how to collaborate and manage Whatsapp chats as a team.


Can I use my own number with your app? Do you support regular numbers? Business numbers?

Yes to all questions.

Does TimelinesAI support group chats from Whatsapp?

Yes! It works just like with regular chats. 

If my teammate replies, how will the reply be displayed to a recipient?

The reply will be displayed as sent from the number you connected. There is no difference to the recipient if, say, John connects the number and Mary replies to the chat. The reply will be seen as coming from John’s number. 

Does my phone need to be powered on and connected to Wi-Fi?

Yes. We need your phone to stay connected to the internet to sync with your WA mobile application. However, your phone’s screen can remain blocked and run the WA application in the background.

Can I use Whatsapp Web/Desktop and TimelinesAI at the same time?

Unfortunately no. Currently, Whatsapp only supports one active session at a time. If you open Whatsapp Web, your connection with TimelinesAI will be paused. Timelines will attempt to resume the connection automatically in 10 minutes. If it fails (e.g. your device is turned off) – you’ll be notified via email to resume the connection.

On the other hand, you can use your mobile application for Whatsapp and TimelinesAI at the same time.

What if I have private chats that I don’t want to share with the rest of my team?

We recommend getting a new number dedicated to working purposes. It will simplify the management of chats and streamline the work with your Shared Inbox for Whatsapp. 

I have another question. How do I contact you?

Reach out to us in the chat at the right bottom corner of your screen, or send us an email to

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