Export chats in CSV file

Exporting contacts data into CSV files

Exporting contacts is crucial when upgrading to a new phone or moving contacts to CRM. Exporting contacts also serves as a backup measure, as you can save your contacts to a file or the cloud, ensuring they do not lose valuable information if their device is damaged or lost.

How to export contacts from TimelinesAI:

1) Open the Subscriptions tab on the sidebar:

subscription settings

2) You will see the Export contacts tab:

contact export tab

3) Click the Export Contacts button
4) The file with the exported contacts will start in the background, and you will see the notification at the top of the screen

Notification on contact export

5) After the CSV file is generated you will see it in the list down the screen and you will be able to download it

Screen Shot 2021 11 02 at 2.25.38 PM

6) Following a link provided, you will be able to download a CSV with all the data about the contacts from your workspace.

After you download the CSV file of your contacts, you can set filters or map the columns in your file. It allows you to manage contact data and compare them according to the criteria you need.

excel file with contacts data

CSV file provides you with the following information regarding the chats you have in your shared inbox:

  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Timeline URL
  • Timeline labels
  • Timeline Responsible
  • Timeline Responsible email
  • Contact description
  • Last message date
  • Chat creation or initial sync date
  • Chat status

You can create a new chat without adding a contact to your contact book. Learn how to do it in the article below.

Start a new chat without adding a number into your Contact Book

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