Quick Reply templates for Whatssapp

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Create a Quick Reply

With TimelinesAI, you can set a Quick Reply template that your team will use to start new chats or answer the most common inquiries from your clients.

To create a Quick Reply template:

  1. Go to the Quick Reply menu (Whatsapp > Quick Replies)
  2. Press New template
  3. Set the template name
  4. Insert the text you want to be displayed when using Quick Reply
  5. Press Save

Quick Reply

Insert a Quick Reply into your message

To insert the template into your reply:

  1. Enter the / symbol into the reply box
  2. Select the template from the dropdown menu
  3. Press Send to send the reply

Note: Quick Reply appears only if there text input field of the message is empty. If there is already some text in the input field, Quick Reply is not going to be shown to prevent mistyping or grammar errors.

Frequently used Quick Replies will be displayed in the list of Quick replies first.

Share Quick Replies with your teammates

As soon as you create a Quick Reply template it will be immediately shared and accessible for your team to use.

They can find it using the template name you set for a reply. It will be displayed to your teammates in the drop-down menu when they enter / symbol into the reply box.

Note: Quick Reply templates don’t support variables, so avoid inserting client’s sensitive information.

Tips: The Quick Reply feature combines with Start New Chat and Bulk Replies.

Learn how to use Bulk Replies on Whatsapp here.

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