How to Find a Specific Message in a Chat

Find a message in a chat

If you need to find a specific message in a chat you can do it using a search bar at the top of the chat view.

You can search in an individual chat and in the group chat as well.

There are two options how to search in the chats:

  • Search in all chats – search will be performed in all chats
  • Advanced search settings – allows you to adjust search settings acording to your search
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To find a specific message in a chat:

  1. Go to Advanced search settings
  2. In the next step choose from the search settings:
  • Content search – you can search by a specific keyword, however this field is case sensitive. Make sure you wrote the word exactly as it appears in the message.
  • Tags – allows you to search by a specific Tag, you have added to a message before. Learn how to add tags to messages in the article: Tagging Particular Messages in Chats.
  • Search between dates – select dates and check the messages received between them.
  • From – you can select a messages sent from a particular phone number (important for groups)
  • Order – this parameter lets you choose how messages will be displayed: Newest or Oldest first.

3. After choosing parameters relevant for your search press Search button.

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Advanced Search Criterias
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