Manage Chats: Rename, Assign, Reply

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How do the Chats work?

Once you connect your Whatsapp number, TimelinesAI will automatically sync new chats, messages, and replies. New chats will come on top of the list and will be marked as unread.

Rename a chat

If the number is saved in the contact book of the Owner, it will be named according to the contact. Otherwise, it will contain a number as a title. You can rename the chat after the recipient – to do it, press the edit icon next to the chat’s name.

Rename a chat
Rename a chat

Assign a chat

Assign a chat
Assign a chat

By default, new chats are unassigned.

To assign a chat to yourself or someone else:

  • Hover over a chat you want to assign
  • Click the Assign icon in the floating menu on the right
  • Choose the person from the list
  • Press Assign

After you select a teammate, they will get an email and in-app notification. This can be useful to assign chats as tasks to specific team members.

This action may be performed in bulk.

To assign several chats to a person at once:

  1. Select several chats by check-marking on the left side of particular chats
  2. Press the Assign button in the top menu
  3. Choose the person you want to assign from the list

Assign multiple chats



TimelinesAI enables your team to collectively manage and reply to chats. There is no difference for the recipient who exactly replies to the chat – the answers will be sent from the number you’ve connected to Timelines.

TimelinesAI supports group chats. They work just the same as regular chats.

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