Marking chat as read/unread

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Marking a chat as Read

In TimelinesAI you can mark a chat as Read and it will be shown as read to all users in the workspace.

To mark a chat as read:

  1. Hower over the chat you want to mark as read
  2. In the floating menu on the right tap the icon Mark as Read
  3. The chat is now marked read for all teammates of your workplace.
Read chat

Marking a chat as Unread

If you mark a chat as Unread the chat will be shown as unread to you only. However, all teammates in your workspace will see it as Read.

Tip: Marking messages as Unread might be useful if you want to keep them as a reminder to handle them later.

Note: Marking messages as Read/Unread will not affect the view of these messages on your Whatsapp.

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