Payment Issues – Troubleshooting

Autorenewal Settings of the Lisences

To have your Timelines services active all the time our licenses are set to be auto-renewed at the end of the preferred payment cycle.

There could be different reasons that are blocking you from payment.

Reasons why the payment have not gone through

Common reasons why it was not possible to complete the payment:

  • The payment was declined by your credit card provider
  • The CVV code was entered incorrectly
  • The credit/debit card entered has expired or does not have enough funds
  • The credit/debit card is not valid for online transaction
  • The credit/debit card is not valid for transactions in a foreign currency
  • The credit/debit card is not valid for cross-border transactions
  • The credit/debit card number is invalid, or has been reported as lost or stolen

Resolving Payment Issues

To resolve the payment issues:

  • Try to complete the payment with a different credit/debit card
  • Get in touch with your bank to find out why the payment has not gone through
  • Confirm with your bank if you are using the correct account details
  • Try to make your payment on a different internet browser (e.g. Firefox, Safari, Chrome), or try clearing your browser’s cache

If you are still having issues with the payment, please reach out to our support chat for help. 

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