Seeing the Last Seen of Your Contacts

Status Last Seen

This status is displaying when was the last time the relevant person from your contacts was using their Whatsapp.

In Timelines, you can also see this status with the dynamic time update. It means that you don’t need to update the page to see the change of the time when the relevant person was last seen online. the update is running in the background.

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Checking Last Seen status

To check the Last Seen status:

  1. Go to a chat with a relevant person from your contact book
  2. Navigate to the right pannel with the Contact Information
  3. Under the profile photo of the contact you can see the last time whem the person was online.

Last Seen Status is not Displaying

If the person from your contact book has set Privacy settings for Last Seen as displayed for nobody, they will have no Last Seen status in Timelines.

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If you want to check whether your messages were delivered or read by the recipient you can check the delivery status of the messages.

Checking the Delivery Status of Messages

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