Sending messages from PipeDrive is not available for all teammates


If you have done the integration in Pipedrive with admin user and it works well and you can see the active panel to start a conversation however, your teammates can’t see the same section for their users’ accounts. They still can see the sync of messages but they can not send message to start a conversation.

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At the moment, only one Pipedrive user (the one, that set up the integration) will be able to use Timelines app extension: active panel + Send action in Pipedrive interface.

If another Pipedrive user with Timelines account in the same workspace attempts to connect with Pipedrive, they will replace integration for the workspace rather than adding an integration. This will also disable active panel and send action for the previous Pipedrive user.

We are working on lifting this limitation, so that each Timelines teammate will have a separate Pipedrive integration, that will allow her to use active panel and send action without affecting other users in the workspace.

What can do users of the same organization?

They can see the messages sync from one or several Whatsapp numbers connected via the Timelines. They can send messages to existing conversation by following the link to Timelines interface, provided in the activity Whatsapp Chat.

How PipeDrive integration works

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