Setting a Follow Up Reminder for a Chat Message

How to set follow up reminders with your clients on Whatsapp

For the convenience of your team, there is a possibility to set up a reminder for a particular message in a chat.

At the selected time you will get an email that contains your note and a link to the message from the chat.

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To set a follow-up reminder for a message:

  1. Go to the messages thread and find a message you want to get a reminder about

2. Hower over a selected message

3. Press the bell button on the floating menu on the right side

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4. Insert the reminder text

5. Select the date and time when you wish to receive a reminder.

Set reminders to follow up with your clients

Choosing a reminder time

You can choose from the pre-set time options such as:

  • Tomorrow (8:00AM) 
  • This weekend (8:00AM) 
  • Next week (8:00AM)

There is a custom option to select a suitable date and time when you would like to be reminded about a message.

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Sometimes you might need to leave an internal note to your teammates in the chat. For this, you can use the possibility to leave a note.

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