Tagging Particular Messages in Chats

What are tags?

For some chats, it might be useful to add tags to particular messages to keep them divided by topics. It provides the possibility to easily find them in the long chats.

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To add a tag to a message in a chat:

  1. Go to the a chat and pick a message you want to tag
  2. Hower over a chat and click on the Tag icon in the floating menu on the right
  3. In Add/Edit window create a new tag or choose from the existing ones if you have created them before
  4. Press Update button.
  5. The tag is created. Note: If you can’t see the tag added to your message just update the chat page.

Find tagged messages

After the tags are added to the particular messages you can use the Search bar on top of the Chat view to find them.

To find messages with a tag:

  1. Navigate to the top of the Chat view and click on the Search bar.
  2. Select Advanced search settings option
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3. In Advanced search settings in the field Tags select a tag or group of tags you want to be displayed as the search result

4. Press Search button

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5. In the search results you will see all the messages with the particular tag you attached to them and set upon the search settings.

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Another great tool you might find useful is Labeling Chats. You can learn more about it in the article below:

Labeling Chats

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