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You can get your 10-days Free Trial period to check the features of Shared inbox management and reply to your clients’ chats in one place. 

With Upgrading your License you will get more benefits and additional features, which we offer to our paid customers.

License period

We offer 4 Paid Licenses for you to choose from. Longer licenses offer better savings, whereas shorter licenses provide more flexibility. 

  • Monthly license: You are charged on a monthly basis. Regular fee.
  • Yearly license: You are charged on a yearly basis for the entire year. Discounted.

If you want to switch to another payment cycle please contact us.

Choose a suitable license

TimelinesAI licenses are divided into Pipedrive Integration, Shared Inbox, Bulk Messaging and Business licenses.

Learn more about our Pricing.

Pipedrive Integration license allows to synchronize all the correspondence from your Whatsapp to Pipedrive.

Shared Inbox and Mass Messaging licenses have all the features you need to get your Whatsapp Shared Inbox up and running, sending bulk replies, collaborate with your team in Timelines interface.

Business license has additional features like custom integrations, premium support, and other advanced features.

Pipedrive Integration license

Ideal license for:

  • Companies that want to keep the correspondence with their clients synced to Pipedrive
  • Teams with different access levels to the communication with clients

Highlights of the Pipedrive Integration license:

  • Starting from 1 seat
  • Automatically sync Whatsapp messages into Pipedrive
  • Automatically save attachments from Whatsapp into Pipedrive
  • Automatically create Persons and Deals for new contacts from Whatsapp
  • Daily bulk sending quota starts at 20 messages/day

Shared Inbox license

Ideal license for:

  • Small teams who want to have one shared Whatsapp Inbox
  • Startups who use Whatsapp for communication with their clients

Highlights of the Shared Inbox License:

  • Starts from 1 seat
  • Shared Inbox interface to manage Whatsapp messaging in real-time in one place
  • Share access to manage multiple Whatsapp numbers across the team
  • Start new chats right from Web Interface
  • Set Quick Reply templates for your team
  • Daily bulk sending quota starts at 50 messages/day

Mass Messaging license

Ideal license for:

  • Medium size teams using mass sending and broadcasting
  • Fast-paced teams optimizing time with Quick Replies feature
  • Companies determined to optimize productivity of the teams

Highlights of the Mass Messaging License:

  • Starts from 3 seats
  • Send bulk campaign updates to new and existing contacts on Whatsapp
  • Upload contacts from Excel or CSV lists
  • Manage all chats in one place
  • Start new chats right from Web Interface
  • Set Quick Reply templates for your team
  • Daily bulk sending quota starts at 300 messages/day

Business License

Ideal license for:

  • Businesses willing to improve the efficiency of Whatsapp operations at scale
  • Companies prefering custom implementations and priority support
  • Techy teams working with Integrations

Highlights of the Business License:

  • Connect multiple Whatsapp numbers for sales and support teams
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Bundle seat discounts
  • Initial setup assistance
  • Custom integrations and development (Whatsapp to CRM, TimelinesAI adjustments, etc.)
  • Priority support
  • Custom daily bulk sending quota

Contact Us for the License Upgrade

Use the chat in the right bottom corner of your screen to contact us and get all the necessary information to choose the most suitable license for your business.

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