What happens if my license expires?

End of the trial period

TimelinesAI provides a 10-days free trial period to all users. To try most of the features you are getting the trial license with Shared Inbox+ functions. After the trial period is finished you might decide whether Timelines is suitable for your business needs.

In several days before your trial is about to finish, you will see a reminder with the last date of the free trial.

Trial period ending notification

If you decide not to continue after the trial with any of the subscriptions, you will be still able to access your TimelinesAI account and see the history of your messages. However, it will be no longer available to send or receive messages using Timelines.

End of the subscription

If your current subscription payment cycle is coming to the end soon, you will get a similar reminder to the one above. If you don’t continue with the paid license, the connection between your Whatsapp account and Timelines account will be paused. You will still have access to your Timelines account.

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If you want to resume the subscription

If you want to resume sending and receiving messages, or use other additional features like sending Bulk Messages, using Quick Replies timelines or use Automation, please contact us in a chat to set up a payment method and update your license.

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