WhatsApp and HubSpot integration installation guide

How to setup WhatsApp integration with HubSpot using TimelinesAI

  1. Sign-in into TimelinesAI or register a TimelinesAI Account if you don’t have it already;
  2. Connect your WhatsApp account to TimelinesAI by navigating to My account tab under WhatsApp navigation menu and scanning the QR code with your WhatsApp mobile application (works both with regular and business WhatsApp accounts);
  3. Navigate to HubSpot integration page in your TimelinesAI account and click on “Connect HubSpot”.
  4. If your HubSpot user is linked to multiple HubSpot accounts, choose the HubSpot account you want to connect to TimelinesAI (WhatsApp conversations will sync to that account);
  5. Approve access to your HubSpot account data by clicking on “Connect app”;
  6. Configure integration settings by choosing the synchronization frequence and auto-creation preference for contacts and deals (you can always return here later to change the settings);
  7. Click on “Test integration” (will be disabled if you haven’t connected WhatsApp account yet);
  8. A popup will be displayed with a link to a test Contact created in your HubSpot account, click on it. If you missed the popup, navigate to your HubSpot account and find “TimelinesAI Support” contact;
  9. Navigate to the “Activity” tab and select “TimelinesAI – WhatsApp integration”, so that your WhatsApp message will be displayed for Contacts;Whatsapp hubspot integration
  10. Navigate to Sales / Deals and find “Whatsapp deal (TimelinesAI Support)”. Navigate to the “Activity” tab and select “TimelinesAI – WhatsApp integration” there as well.
  11. You are all set! From this point onwards, messages in WhatsApp accounts connected in your TimelinesAI workspace will automatically appear in Activity timeline of appropriate contacts and deals (according to integration settings).

How WhatsApp <> HubSpot integration works on TimelinesAI

  • Contacts in your WhatsApp account will be matched automatically with Contacts on Hubspot based on their WhatsApp number. The matching will work with any phone number format you may be saving numbers in (with or without plus/country code/etc.).
  • WhatsApp messages are inserted as a custom Activity item on Activity feed of a Contact and most recently updated related Deal (if exists). The entries will be aggregated according to the “Synchronization frequency” setting. “Real-time” setting will sync messages instantly, but you may opt for a different frequency, that will sync and aggregate messages once every few hours. You should consider choosing 12 hours or even 24 hours frequency if you have very busy WhatsApp communication, to avoid cluttering Activity feed and running into API call limits in your HubSpot account.
  • Attachments sent or received in WhatsApp chats with your contacts will be automatically uploaded into the Files section of your HubSpot account and linked to corresponding messages in Contact and Deal Activity feeds.

Automatic creation and ownership assignment for Contacts and Deals

  • In order to automatically create a Contact in your HubSpot account in case no match by phone number is found, enable “Create new Persons automatically” on integration settings page.
  • In order to automatically create a Deal in case no Deal is linked to the matched or auto-created Contact, enable “Create new Deals automatically” on integration settings page.
  • When a Contact or a Deal is automatically created, the HubSpot user that created the integration will be assigned as an Owner by default.
  • If a Contact and / or Deal is auto-created in HubSpot by TimelinesAI when first message is received in a new chat, it is likely that the only information that is known about the new contact is their WhatsApp number. Therefore, the new Contact / Deal in HubSpot will be named according to the number. Once such contact is renamed in TimelinesAI or WhatsApp account, it will automatically be renamed in HubSpot as well. A Contact or Deal that was not auto-created, will not be automatically renamed.

How to synchronize multiple WhatsApp accounts into HubSpot via TimelinesAI

  • Your team can connect multiple WhatsApp numbers. It may be useful in case your salespeople use individual numbers, or if you have several departments using Whatsapp for different purposes (sales, customer support, evaluating leads, etc.)
  • To connect additional WhatsApp numbers, you just need to invite the team member into TimelinesAI and ask them to scan the QR code on the WhatsApp tab with their Whatsapp application. One user profile can connect a single WhatsApp number, but all users in your workspace can do it. Technically, it’s possible to connect unlimited number of Whatsapp numbers this way (subject to purchase of seats in your plan).
  • If you have the HubSpot integration active in this workspace, all chats from all connected WhatsApp accounts will be seamlessly synchronized just like in the case with a single WhatsApp account.
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