Whatsapp chats and messages are not syncing: connection is paused or suspended

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If your chats aren’t syncing, or you can’t send messages to Whatsapp, there may be several reasons for it.

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Please check if your issue might be resolved with the following:

Use TimelinesAI instead of Whatsapp Web/Desktop

Currently, Whatsapp only supports one active session at a time. If the owner of the number that is connected to Timelines opens Whatsapp Web, your connection with TimelinesAI will be paused. Timelines will attempt to resume the connection automatically in 10 minutes. If it fails (e.g. your device is turned off) the owner will be notified via email to resume the connection.

Make sure the device is charged and connected to Wi-Fi

Since we enable users to connect their own numbers, the connection is dependent on the device with the sim-card you used to connect Whatsapp number to TimelinesAI.
Just like with Whatsapp Web, your phone must be charged and connected to the Internet in order for us to sync incoming messages and replies.

Adjust Connection and Sleep Settings on your Device

For Android 9+, it is possible to disable power optimizations for a specific app.
On Samsung devices:
  1. Navigate to Settings >> Battery & device care >> Battery >> Background Usage Limits >> Never sleeping apps
  2. Add Whatsapp
On most other Android devices:
  1. Navigate to Settings >> Battery >> Battery Optimization
  2. Choose Whatsapp and toggle Don’t optimize
On iOS devices:
  1. Navigate to Settings >> Whatsapp
  2. Make sure Background App Refresh is enabled
  3. Make sure Cellular Data is enabled
Note: There’s no fine-grained control over power usage optimization of specific apps on IOS, but there are app-specific setting that needs to be verified.
Also, iOS has the Low Power Mode, which can be turned on when the charge drops to 20%. At this mode an icon of the battery in the status bar becomes yellow. In this mode, the Background activity of all apps may be restricted.
To check that the Low Power Mode is off:
  1. Navigate to Battery >> Low Power Mode
  2. Make sure it’s Off

Make sure that another teammate is not trying to connect same WA account to your workspace

When two users in the same workspace intermittently try to connect same WA account with different users, it’s possible that the messages can get stuck in the Sending status. To prevent that please follow the recommendations bellow:

  1. Always try connecting same number with the same Timelines user. Pressing on Re-connect reliably disconnects the client from WA server and new connection will be stable.
  2. If you need to re-connect with another user, make sure to first kill previous timelines sessions using Whatsapp Mobile app. Go to Linked Devices, tap on the existing session (“Chromium at…”) and press Log out, before attempting to connect (scan QR code with another user).

Contact Us

If you checked all the above and it still doesn’t help, please let us know. Sometimes Whatsapp rolls out a big update and it may affect our infrastructure.
The fastest way to reach out is by using the chat in the right bottom corner of your screen. We will do our best to help you and fix the issue ASAP.

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