How to Share Whatsapp With Multiple Users and Collaborate On Whatsapp

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How to connect your Whatsapp number to TimelinesAI

Connecting Whatsapp profile resized
Connecting Whatsapp profile to TimelinesAI

With TimelinesAI, you can bring the existing list and history of messaging with your contacts and share access with your team.

To connect the Whatsapp number, go to Whatsapp tab and press the “Connect” button. The app will generate the QR code just like on Whatsapp Web. Scan it with your Whatsapp mobile application.

Once you connect a number, the chats will be synchronized into the TimelinesAI application. The messaging history with your contacts will be displayed in the Chats tab. These chats will be accessible to your teammates. Once you invite a teammate, they will be able to view, reply and manage all the chats that come from your number (even if your team is distributed remotely).

New chats will be displayed on top of the list, along with a new chat notification that your teammates will see too. They will be able to open the chat and reply to it in real-time.

The only requirement to maintain the connection is to have your device charged and connected to the Internet (preferably Wi-Fi).

How to connect multiple Whatsapp numbers and share access with your team

On TimelinesAI, each user may connect a Whatsapp number and share access with the rest of the workspace. To connect more than one number to TimelinesAI, use the profile of any of your teammates. Similar to how you connected one number, go to Whatsapp tab and press the “Connect” button. The app will generate the QR code just like on Whatsapp Web. Scan it with the Whatsapp mobile application of the device with an additional Whatsapp number.

The chats will be synchronized automatically and added to the “All chats” list. The team will be able to manage chats and reply indefinitely. The replies will automatically come from the relevant Whatsapp number.

Hint: if you want to distinguish the chats that come via the specific Whatsapp number, create the custom Filter for your chats. Learn how to create Custom Filters here.

How to invite a teammate to TimelinesAI to collaborate on Whatsapp

You can invite your teammates using the Team tab. 

By default, they get invited with a “Teammate” role. It means they can see on collaborate on all chats in your workspace. Here’s the difference:

  • Owner – the person who created the workspace. On the Shared Inbox plan owner is the only team member who can connect their Whatsapp number.
  • Teammate – can view any chat in the Workspace, send replies, etc. Can’t delete the Owner. This role is useful for everyday support and collaboration on Whatsapp.
  • Collaborator – can view only the chats they were specifically shared access to. All the other chats will not be visible to them. Collaborators can only manage the chats they were invited to, and only edit the content created by them. This role is useful for work with contractors or people from other teams.

Setting up a Responsible: how to learn who manages a specific Whatsapp chat 


New chats from Whatsapp are assigned to the Owner by default. The chat may be re-assigned to another team member in the workspace. To assign a chat to yourself or someone else, click the avatar icon, choose the person from the list, and press “Assign”.

The “Assign Responsible” action can be performed in bulk. To assign several chats to a person at once, select several chats by clicking the squares next to the chat and press the “Assign responsible” button in the top menu.

The selected user will receive an email and in-app notification, so this feature may be useful to set tasks to manage specific chats. Note that you need to have other team members in your workspace for this to work. You can invite team members into TimelinesAI using the Team menu.

Hint: the Responsible feature combines well with the custom Responsible filter. You can set a custom list that will display chats assigned to a specific teammate in a separate tab (e.g. display only chats assigned to “Katrine” or “Josh”, etc.).
Learn how to create custom Chat Filters here.

Hint #2: your team members may upload their profile icon in the  My Profile tab. It will help to distinguish the chat ownership at a glance.

How to start a new chat on Whatsapp without adding a number into your Contact Book

Start New Chat on Whatsapp
Starting a New Chat on Whatsapp

With TimelinesAI, your team members can start a new chat with your contacts even if they don’t have physical access to your phone. They just need to press the “Start New Chat” button (near search), and insert the number of the contact. The country code will be detected automatically.

You can upload attachments of up to 16MB in size. If you want to add a larger file, send the link to the Drive file instead.

Hint: Start New chat feature combines with Quick Reply templates. You or your teammates may type / (“slash”) symbol to select the relevant template from the list. 

How to add Quick Reply templates on Whatsapp and share them with your team 

With TimelinesAI, you can set a reply template that your team will use to start new chats or answer the most common inquiries from your clients.

To create a Quick reply template, go to the Quick Reply menu (Whatsapp > Quick Replies) and press “New template”.  Set the template name (it will be displayed to your teammates), insert text, and press “Save”.

The template will be immediately shared and accessible for your team to use. To insert the template into your reply, enter the / symbol into the reply box and select the template from the dropdown menu. Press “Send” to send the reply.

Note that Quick Reply templates don’t support variables, so avoid inserting information that is personal to some of your clients.

Hint: the Quick Reply feature combines with “Start New Chat” and Bulk Replies.  Learn how to use Bulk Replies on Whatsapp here.

How to exchange internal comments and notes in messaging with a client

To exchange internal comments with your team member hover over a message in a chat and press the speech bubble button. If you want Timelines to notify a person about the comment, you may mention anyone from your workspace by using @ and adding their e-mail. The comments are not sent to Whatsapp, which makes them useful to discuss or clarify internal stuff relevant to the chat.

How to set follow up reminders with your clients on Whatsapp

To set a follow-up reminder press the bell button on the message menu. Then insert the reminder text (it will help you to remember what the reminder is about), select the date and time when you wish to receive a reminder. You’ll get an email that contains your note and a link to the message from the chat. 

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