WhatsApp mass messaging best practices

How to avoid being blocked on WhatsApp?

Blocking a WhatsApp account is solely on the Whatsapp side and depends on many factors: 

  • WhatsApp has specific policies on bulk messaging, which prohibit users from sending unsolicited messages;
  • Sending mass messages on WhatsApp may violate anti-spam laws in certain countries. 
  • Sending mass messages on WhatsApp can quickly become spam if the messages are not relevant or useful to the recipients. This can lead to the messages being ignored or reported as spam.

When it comes to mass messages, we at TimelinseAI do our best to avoid unpleasant situations for customers with blocked WhatsApp. Mass messages are sent with a random delay, which WhatsApp regards as sending regular messages one by one. 

Despite our best efforts, WhatsApp blocking is still on the WhatsApp side. You should follow some guidelines to make sure you don’t get banned.

We have created for you a guide with the best practices for sending newsletters in WhatsApp to avoid being blocked by WhatsApp.

Here are some tips that help to avoid blocking:

  1. For outreach, use WhatsApp accounts with regular cellular numbers with a physical SIM card. WhatsApp accounts registered with a landline or virtual number have a greater likelihood of getting banned.
  2. Nearly registered WhatsApp accounts are likely to get banned even after limited numbers are sent to new chats. To avoid this, ensure the account has been used regularly for a reasonable amount of time before sending mass messages.
  3. WhatsApp accounts used with the WhatsApp Business mobile app are slightly more likely to get banned in case of user reports or due to automatic content checks. Prefer using a WhatsApp Account connected to the WhatsApp mobile app for sending a large amount of messages into new chats.
  4. Repeated attempts to send to a recipient who has blocked (or has not approved) the sender is likely to lead to an account ban. Repeat sending to the same number only if the previous message has been delivered or read status. You can see the status of messages in the downloadable report of the mass-sending campaign. 
  5. Sending messages with certain content into new chats bear a significantly increased likelihood of banning, for example:
  • URLs leading to log-in or registration pages
  • URLs leading to sites with financial or adult content
  • Adult topics
  • Topics were related to software accounts, such as invitations to register, password recovery, etc.

      6.  Sending mass messages with identical content into new chats over short periods of time has increased the chance of banning

  • Personalization or variation of message content is advised.

      7. Sending file attachments into the new chat as a first message has somewhat increased the chance of banning

  • Send attachments into existing chats only, preferably after the initial text introductory message is read by the recipient.

If you encounter WhatsApp blocking, we recommend you contact WhatsApp support and ask to unblock your account.

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