Send mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp

Are you tired of manually typing each message on WhatsApp to send to your contacts? With our mass messaging feature, you can easily send mass messages to your WhatsApp contacts without the tedious task of typing each message out individually.

Upload CSV file with contacts
Send personalized mass messages
Schedule Mass messaging campaigns
Export delivery report of the mass messaging campaign

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Easy-to-use platform for WhatsApp outreach

With TimelinesAI mass messaging, you can reach your audience instantly and effectively. Boost your engagement rates with personalized messages that appeal to your target audience.


Reach large groups of contacts
You can export contacts from your CRM and upload them in order to TimelinesAI to reach out to them on Whatsapp at scale.


Segment your chats
You can segment or filter customer chats by labels, responsible agents, types (groups or direct chats), etc., and save these lists as presets.


Create templates for your campaigns
You can set a Template that your team will use to send mass messages, start new chats or answer the most common inquiries from your clients.


Start using in minutes
No pre-setup is required, just scan a QR code, invite your team, and start using it instantly. Try for free for 10 days, no credit card is required!

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TimelinesAI WhatsApp Mass messaging — send out promotional offers and updats in bulk

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Initiate new chats via Whatsapp Mass Messaging

With TimelinesAI, you can upload a CSV list with contact numbers and send the Mass messaging campaign on WhatsApp.

Export contacts from your CRM to send mass messages
Automatically start a new chat
Personalize messages with additional information from your file
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multiple accounts

Launch mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp simultaneously from multiple numbers

Your agents can connect multiple WhatsApp numbers and launch mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp from multiple WhatsApp numbers at the same time.

Process leads faster and more effectively

Connect personal WhatsApp numbers

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schedule mass messaging

Schedule mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp

TimelinesAI makes it easy to create and schedule targeted messages to your audience on WhatsApp. Whether you want to send out promotional offers, or event announcements, or simply stay in touch with your customers, we've got you covered.

Choose a specific day and time to send mass messages

Get a notification via email once the campaign is fully delivered

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Send Bulk Replies to the custom lists of your contacts on Whatsapp

Send messages to both individual and group chats.

Check-mark the relevant chats from the chat list and send bulk messages
Apply filters to your chats to send promotional offers
Add attachments to your messages
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delivery status

Track the delivery performance of your Mass messaging campaigns

With detailed reporting and analytics, you can track the success of your campaigns

Download the file with a report
Track the status of delivery
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Integrate TimelinesAI with any CRM systems and tools

Say goodbye to the headaches associated with manual data entry to your CRM. You'll never miss a conversation and have all of your customer data in one place, enabling you to enhance engagement, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

One-click Hubspot/Pipedrive integration

Use outbound webhooks to integrate WhatsApp chats into any CRM

Use inbound webhooks to automate sending WhatsApp messages

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Mass messaging on WhatsApp

What is TimelinesAI? How it may be useful for my team?

TimelinesAI is a shared inbox for multiple WhatsApp numbers. It means that you can add multiple WhatsApp numbers to one Inbox and get imidiate control of your business communication. TimelinesAI can be opened on multiple devices simultaneously in your browser. This way your team can manage contacts from WhatsApp collectively, exchange comments, set reminders and send bulk replies.

Can I use my own number with your app? Does it work with Whatsapp business or personal numbers?

Yes, you can connect your own number. As a benefit, you also get to upload your WhatsApp chat history. This way, even if you decide to switch from using WhatsApp, the messaging with your clients will remain searchable and accessible to you and your team. TimelinesAI works with any type of WhatsApp numbers.

Does it work with regular Whatsapp numbers? Whatsapp business numbers?

TimelinesAI – Shared Inbox works with any type of WhatsApp accounts. Simply connect your WhatsApp account by scanning the system-generated QR code and invite your team.

Do I need all contacts to be saved in the contact book to send bulk messages?

No, you can send mass messaging without saving a number in a contact book. You can upload a CSV list with contact numbers. If you didn’t have a messaging history with a contact, TimelinesAI will initiate a new chat automatically.  Connect your Whatsapp number in 1 minute with no code.

Is it possible to find out from whom the mass message campaign was sent?

Yes, there is a “send by” column where you can find the name of the teammate who sent the campaign.

How long does it take to set up WhatsApp to share with my team on TimelinesAI?

It takes ~5 minutes to start working on WhatsApp with your team on TimelinesAI. The app uses the WhatsApp Web connection, so all you need to do is connect your number and invite your agents to collaborate. We also offer 10 days of free trial, no credit card required.

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