Nimble CRM WhatsApp integration

Discover the Power of Nimble CRM and WhatsApp Integration! Seamlessly connect, communicate, and enhance your customer relationships like never before.

Automate routine WhatsApp communications based on CRM triggers.
Utilize your current WhatsApp phone numbers seamlessly.
Directly send WhatsApp messages from the Nimble platform.
Easily create Nimble records from WhatsApp interactions.

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TimelinesAI – A Comprehensive Solution for Managing Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

We provide a variety of tools designed to assist businesses employing numerous individual WhatsApp numbers. Our offerings do not necessitate the use of the WhatsApp Business API and include a fully functional free trial.


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Our live chat support is available around the clock to assist you with onboarding and provide demo sessions. We offer support in English, Spanish, Russian, and over 80 other languages.


Consultation Before Your Trial
Your time is important to us. Share your integration needs, and we'll identify the optimal solution for you.


Tailored Trial and Onboarding Experience
We're happy to personalize your trial experience. Whether you need to connect over 100 numbers or require extra time for setup, we've got you covered!


Access Our Network of Integration Partners
We'll link you with our highly skilled integration partners to save you valuable time.

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Automatically sync new WhatsApp Leads & Contacts to Nimble

Effortlessly keep your Nimble CRM up-to-date with new WhatsApp Leads and Contacts through seamless automation

Real-time Updates: Ensure that your CRM is always current with the latest WhatsApp interactions and contacts, boosting efficiency and accuracy.
Focus on building relationships and growing your business instead of managing data transfers, thanks to this automated solution.
Automatically synchronize your WhatsApp Leads and Contacts with Nimble CRM, eliminating manual data entry.
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Initiate Conversations Directly within Nimble CRM

Effortlessly oversee your WhatsApp conversations, interact, respond, and perform various actions, all within the Nimble CRM interface, ensuring seamless communication management.

Dispatch WhatsApp messages right from the CRM platform
Access your WhatsApp messages within Nimble.

Attach files, images, or documents to enhance your WhatsApp messages.

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Deliver Customized WhatsApp Messages with Ease via Nimble

Leverage our seamless integration with WhatsApp and Zapier, along with our versatile Public API, to craft dynamic, trigger-driven automations for your WhatsApp communications.

Trigger WhatsApp messages from any Nimble event or action.
Welcome your customers with personalized, automated greetings on WhatsApp.

Effortlessly dispatch large-scale marketing campaigns through WhatsApp.

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Unified Inbox for Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

Effortlessly handle discussions across all your WhatsApp numbers within a single, team-driven inbox for enhanced efficiency.

Access a comprehensive statistics dashboard for valuable WhatsApp engagement insights.
Work better together with team invites and use collaborative tools!
Integrate both personal and business WhatsApp numbers.
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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Whatsapp to Nimble integration

What is Nimble CRM WhatsApp integration?

Nimble CRM WhatsApp integration allows you to seamlessly connect your Nimble CRM with WhatsApp, enabling you to manage your customer relationships and communications more effectively.

How can I automatically create Leads, Contacts, and Deals from WhatsApp?

With Nimble CRM WhatsApp integration, you can set up automation rules that will generate Leads, Contacts, and Deals in Nimble whenever you receive WhatsApp messages or interact with your contacts.

Can I use my existing WhatsApp numbers with Nimble CRM?

Yes, you can! Nimble CRM WhatsApp integration supports the use of your current WhatsApp phone numbers, ensuring continuity in your communication channels.

How do I send WhatsApp messages directly from Nimble CRM?

Nimble CRM enables you to send WhatsApp messages directly from the platform, making it convenient to stay in touch with your contacts without switching between applications.

Can I track WhatsApp interactions within Nimble CRM?

Yes, Nimble CRM WhatsApp integration allows you to log and track all WhatsApp interactions, ensuring that you have a complete history of your communications with your contacts.

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