Integrate multiple individual WhatsApp numbers to Oracle NetSuite CRM

Enhance your sales processes by integrating multiple individual WhatsApp numbers seamlessly with Oracle NetSuite CRM. Automate customer communications, streamline lead management, and effectively collaborate with team members.

Automatically sync Leads to NetSuite for incoming WhatsApp conversations
Send automated WhatsApp messages for efficient customer engagement
Access message history and send WhatsApp messages directly from Oracle NetSuite CRM
Seamlessly connect your existing WhatsApp numbers to NetSuite

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TimelinesAI- WhatsApp CRM integration and Shared inbox 

Connect multiple individual WhatsApp numbers to your CRM and get a range of tools: shared inbox for multiple, WhatsApp numbers, collaboration tools for your team, WhatsApp automation, sending mass marketing messages. We provide 10 day fully-functional trial.


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We are always available to help you with onboarding via live chat and demo sessions. We speak English, Spanish, Russian, and 80+ languages in our support chat.


Get started within minutes
No prior preparation necessary, simply scan a QR code, invite your team, and begin using immediately. Test it out for free, without the need for a credit card.


Personalized trial and onboarding
We would gladly customize your trial experience. Want to connect 100+ numbers or need more time to set things up - we got you covered!


Pre-trial consultation
We value your time. Send us your integration requirements and we will find the best solution for you!

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Oracle NetSuite CRM and WhatsApp

Sync WhatsApp Contacts with NetSuite CRM

Streamline your lead management process by effortlessly syncing your WhatsApp contacts with NetSuite CRM. Say goodbye to manual data entry and ensure no lead is ever lost.

Automate manual actions and save valuable time for your team
Sync an unlimited number of WhatsApp contacts with NetSuite CRM
Keep your CRM up-to-date with the latest WhatsApp contact information for effective customer engagement
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netsuite crm whatsapp chrome extension

Send WhatsApp Messages directly from NetSuite CRM

Empower your team with the ability to send WhatsApp messages directly from NetSuite CRM using our WhatsApp Chrome extension. Enhance your customer interactions and streamline your workflow.

Send WhatsApp messages without leaving the NetSuite CRM interface
Preview WhatsApp message history
Benefit from real-time syncing with the WhatsApp app
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Send Trigger-Based WhatsApp Messages from NetSuite CRM

Drive customer engagement and streamline your communication with trigger-based automated WhatsApp messages in NetSuite CRM.

Create automated welcome messages on WhatsApp to greet new leads and contacts
Set up automated follow-up messages when Contact stage is updated
Keep your customers engaged with personalized messages
NetSuit CRM and WhatsApp chats sync

Sych WhatsApp messages to the appropriate Contact feed in NetSuite

Simplify your customer communication by managing all leads and WhatsApp interactions directly within your CRM. Stay organized, informed, and boost your customer relationships.

Seamlessly manage all customer communication from your CRM interface, eliminating the need to switch between tabs

Automatically sync WhatsApp messages to the appropriate Contacts’ Activity feed for easy reference and tracking
Store the complete WhatsApp message history within your CRM
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statistica dashboard

Centralize WhatsApp Conversations with One Inbox

Streamline your communication and supercharge your sales/ support with a single inbox for all your WhatsApp numbers. Collaborate seamlessly with your team, assing contacts, and gain insights with statistics.

Effortlessly integrate all your WhatsApp numbers into one unified inbox

Segment Your WhatsApp Contacts

Get Statistics for WhatsApp Number

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about WhatsApp to Oracle NetSuite CRM integration

Does it work with regular WhatsApp numbers? WhatsApp business numbers?

TimelinesAI –CRM WhatsApp integration works with any type of WhatsApp account

How does WhatsApp integration benefit my sales processes in Oracle NetSuite CRM?

By integrating multiple WhatsApp numbers with Oracle NetSuite CRM, you can automate customer communications, efficiently manage leads, and collaborate seamlessly with your team.

Can I automatically sync WhatsApp leads with Oracle NetSuite CRM?

Yes, you can. Our integration allows automatic synchronization of leads from WhatsApp conversations to Oracle NetSuite CRM, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to engage with potential customers.

Is it possible to send mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp through your app?

Yes, you can upload the custom CSV list to send the Mass messaging campaign on Whatsapp to your contacts.

Can I automate messages on WhatsApp?

Yes, TimelinesAI Zapier and WhatsApp integration allow you to automate your messages.

Can I access WhatsApp message history and send messages without leaving Oracle NetSuite CRM?

Absolutely! You can conveniently access your WhatsApp message history and send messages directly from the Oracle NetSuite CRM interface, providing a seamless experience.

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