Instantly connect WhatsApp with 1000+ apps using TimelinesAI & Zapier.
No WhatsApp Business API required.

Automate your workflows by connecting WhatsApp with tools you already use via TimelinesAI native Zapier integration.

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool and timesaver that connects TimelinesAI to more then 1000 apps, without the need for coding or relying on developers.

Using Zapier and TimelinesAI, you can automate tasks and build intelligent workflows with your WhatsApp.

Learn more on how to integrate WhatsApp with Zapier in our Knowledge base article.

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Automate your workflows on WhatsApp without the need of WhatsApp Business API

You can use your existing WhatsApp numbers and access your messages through WhatsApp Web and Mobile

Send and receive messages in group chats and start chats with new contacts.

Save time and boost sales by building custom Zaps based on events in your WhatsApp numbers.

Send messages and attachments to new and existing prospects.

Personalize your automatic responses with data from your CRM.

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WhatsApp and Zapier integration

Seamless, Easy Integration

No coding necessary. All you need are TimelinesAI and Zapier accounts.

One-click token generation to connect TimelinesAI with Zapier.
A simple QR code scan to make your WhatsApp number available for Zapier automation.

Extensive documentation to get you started.

TimelinesAI & Zapier integration guide

Connect Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

Do your agents carry individual WhatsApp numbers? Easily connect and synchronize messaging from multiple WhatsApp numbers with a single Zapier automation.

No WhatsApp Business API required.
100+ WhatsApp numbers per single account supported.

Receive events from all WhatsApp numbers using single Zappier automation.

Use your agents’ WhatsApp numbers for sending automated messages to their prospects.

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Improve your Business performance on WhatsApp with native Zapier automations

Unlock the full potential of WhatsApp for your Business by connecting TimelinesAI with the tools you already use via native Zapier integrations.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about native TimelinesAI Zapier integration

How to integrate Whatsapp with Zapier?

To connect Zapier with TimelinesAI follow the next steps:

  1. Register an account on the TimelinesAI app;
  2. Scan QR code to connect your WhatsApp number TimelinesAI app;
  3. Navigate to the Zapier Integration tab;
  4. Generate a new token by pressing the button;

This token should be used for authentication when setting up your Zapier integration. Please go to the TimelinesAI help center to learn more.

How does TimelinesAI native Zapier integration compare to Whatsapp Business API?

Whatsapp Zapier integration is the right choice in case your managers carry an individual number, or if you want to keep the history of Whatsapp messaging with your clients. Also, you are able to:

  • Send messages to group chats;
  • Connect regular and business accounts;
  • Send messages to prospects without WhatsApp template pre-approval;
  • Set up automation that is not supported by Whatsapp Business API.

Is native Zapier integration available in all TimelinesAI plans?

No, it is available on the Mass messaging & Automation plan. You may try it for 10 days for free on TimelinesAI app.

Can I send messages to Whatsapp from my CRM with your integration?

Yes, your team can send Whatsapp text messages and attachments right from the CRM system.

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