Connect multiple Whatsapp numbers on Shared Inbox, and integrate Whatsapp into Pipedrive, Hubspot or other CRM

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Pipedrive integration


Up to 100 seats

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Pipedrive integration plan includes:

  • Automatically sync Whatsapp messages into Pipedrive
  • Connect one or multiple numbers

    Works with all WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business numbers

  • Automatically save attachments from Whatsapp into Pipedrive

    Supports all kinds of attachments from Whatsapp: images, documents, voice messages, etc.

  • Automatically create Persons for new contacts from Whatsapp
  • Automatically create Deals for new contacts from Whatsapp
  • Start new Whatsapp chats right from Pipedrive interface
  • 1 month of data retention on TimelinesAI

    Data retention on Pipedrive is indefinite according to your Pipedrive plan.

Shared Inbox


Up to 100 seats

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Shared Inbox plan includes:

  • Everything from previous plan
  • Shared Inbox interface to manage Whatsapp messaging in real-time
  • Share access to manage multiple Whatsapp numbers across the team
  • Create custom views of WA contacts with Filters and Labels
  • Automatically assign and track responsibility for chats
  • Start new Whatsapp chats without saving into contact book
  • Exchange internal comments with your team on Whatsapp
  • Set Quick Reply templates for your team
  • 6 month of data retention on TimelinesAI

Mass messaging & Automation


Up to 100 seats

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Mass messaging & Automation plan includes:

  • Everything from previous plans
  • Native Zapier Integration
  • Get additional workspace for your automation & mass messaging
  • Custom contacts limit based on your case
  • Scaleable webhook automation
  • Send bulk campaign or Whatsapp automation updates to new and existing contacts on Whatsapp

    Works with regular and Business accounts

  • Upload contacts from Excel or CSV lists
  • Send campaigns using TimelinesAI wizard

    Completely autonomous sending that doesn’t interrupt your team`s work on Whatsapp

  • Bulk messaging support for attachments
  • 6 month of data retention on TimelinesAI
  • Mass sending quota starts at 2000/month
  • Custom additional mass sending limits according to your case


Custom Quote

More than 100 seats

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Business plan includes:

  • Custom combination of features from previous plans
  • Sync more than 10,000 contacts from connected Whatsapp accounts
  • Connect dozens of Whatsapp numbers of your sales and support teams
  • Control the efficiency of your Whatsapp operations at scale
  • Multiple workspaces for different departments
  • Initial setup assistance
  • Premium live chat support
  • Get full control over Whatsapp communication in your company
  • Custom period of data retention on TimelinesAI
  • Automate Whatsapp messaging with your clients
  • Custom integrations and development (Whatsapp to CRM, TimelinesAI adjustments, etc.)
  • Custom mass sending&automation quota

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SetupPipedrive IntegrationShared InboxBusiness
Instant Whatsapp number connection via QR code (no approval required)
Connect your number by scanning the QR code with your WA mobile application. Takes 1 minute. No development skills required.
Connect and share your existing Whatsapp number
No need to buy new virtual accounts. Bring the number that you already use.
Back up your WA chat history in cloud
Save the existing history of communication with your clients and contacts. It will remain searchable and accessible to your organization even if you change your number.
Connect and share multiple Whatsapp numbers
Manage and control all the chats from different numbers in one place.
Integrate with Pipedrive
Get dedicated integration with PipeDrive CRM.
Export Whatsapp data into CSV
Useful for uploading into CRM and updating your contact fields with data from Whatsapp
Integrate to any CRM with web hooks
As easy as with Zapier integration.
Request custom integration
Request any fine-tuning or changes to the system to fit your company's needs.
WA productivity
Manage group chats
Review messages and reply to group chats from Whatsapp
Start chats with numbers that aren't in your contacts
Start new chats right from TimelinesAI client. No hassle with adding new contacts through workarounds that waste your manager`s time.
Send Whatsapp broadcasting campaigns
Send replies to many selected chats at once
Set Quick Reply templates for your team
Create templates for most common inquiries from your clients. Automatically share access with your team.
Manage Roles& Access permissions
Precisely control what manager has access to what chat. Or give the access to all chats - we provide you with a choice.
Exchange comments in chats
Get internal comments layer that doesn't get sent to Whatsapp. Discuss the urgent matters right in the context of communication with a client.
Set follow up reminders
Get your team to follow up with your clients in a regular manner.

Commonly asked questions

How is the contacts limit calculated?

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The contacts limit is based on the total number for contacts from all Whatsapp accounts connected to TimelinesAI workspace. If you connect 2 Whatsapp accounts with 250 contacts each, it means that you have 500 WA contacts total.

What happens if I exceed my contacts limit?

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We provide your team with some leeway, so no functionality will be paused. If you exceed the total contacts limit in a way it qualifies you for the next tier (from basic plan to Business plan), we will reach out and ask you to upgrade.

What happens to my content and messages when my free trial or license expires?

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Your WA connection and ability to send replies will be paused. When you resume your subscription, all the messages will be synced again so you won’t lose any data.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations or educational institutions?

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Yes! If you are a member or run a non-profit or educational institution, please reach out at to receive a discount.