Use Multiple WhatsApp Numbers with Copper CRM

Struggling to maintain multiple WhatsApp numbers with Copper CRM? Streamline them seamlessly into Copper CRM. Every chat on WhatsApp finds its reflection instantly in Copper CRM.

Automatically generate person records in Copper for incoming WhatsApp messages
Ensure seamless updates from WhatsApp to Copper
Streamline lead communication by centralizing conversations within Copper

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TimelinesAI – Your All-in-One WhatsApp Management Solution for Handling Multiple Numbers

Unlock a world of possibilities for your business with our suite of powerful tools designed for managing multiple individual WhatsApp numbers. Register and get a fully functional free trial.


24/7 Live Chat Support
Our dedicated live chat support is at your service around the clock. From guiding you through the onboarding process to conducting live demos, our multilingual team is proficient in English, Spanish, Russian, and over 80 other languages.


Get Started in Minutes, No Hassle
No need for extensive preparations or technical know-how. Simply scan a QR code, invite your team, and instantly try the full potential of our solution.


Tailored Trial and Onboarding
We are happy to personalize your trial experience. Whether you want to connect more than 100 numbers or require CRM integration, we have you covered.


Pre-Trial Consultation
We respect your time and specific needs. Share your integration requirements with us, and we'll work with you to identify the optimal solution tailored to your business goals.

Whatsapp contacts in copper

Sync new WhatsApp Chats to Copper

New WhatsApp interactions automatically sync into the People section within Copper CRM.

New WhatsApp conversations seamlessly flow into Copper CRM’s ‘People’ category

Enjoy the magic of real-time updates
Effortless Setup – everything’s just a click away
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copper whatsapp via zapier

Master Automated WhatsApp Messaging with Triggers in Copper CRM

Automate and customize WhatsApp messages right from your Copper CRM.

Set specific events in Copper CRM to send auto-personalized WhatsApp messages

Greet customers with pre-set welcome messages on WhatsApp

Send bulk WhatsApp messages
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copper wa chrome extension

Seamless WhatsApp Chat Management in Copper CRM

Manage your WhatsApp chats, engage, reply, and more, all without stepping out of Copper CRM.

Send WhatsApp messages directly using our exclusive Chrome extension
View your WhatsApp messages in Close CRM
Add files, images, or documents to your WhatsApp messages without a hitch
Интерфейс Whatsapp Shared Inbox для команд на нескольких устройствах

A Unified Inbox for All Your WhatsApp Numbers

Manage conversations from all your WhatsApp numbers in one central team-powered inbox.

Single-click Integration – link up without breaking a sweat
Bring all your existing WhatsApp numbers on board with just a few clicks
A statistics dashboard to get insights into your WhatsApp outreach
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Часто задаваемые вопросы

Learn more about WhatsApp to Copper CRM integration

What is Copper and WhatsApp integration?

Our Copper and WhatsApp integration allows you to effortlessly manage conversations from all your WhatsApp numbers within Copper CRM.

Как начать работу с интеграцией?

Приступить к работе очень просто! Просто отсканируйте QR-код для подключения WhatsApp, пригласите членов своей команды и можете сразу же приступать к использованию интеграции.

Can I integrate my existing WhatsApp numbers into Copper CRM?

Безусловно! Вы можете подключить все существующие номера WhatsApp всего несколькими щелчками мыши, что упрощает централизацию общения.

Какие преимущества дает интеграция для моего бизнеса?

С помощью интеграции WhatsApp в Copper CRM вы можете:

  • Автоматическая синхронизация записей о персонах в Copper для входящих сообщений WhatsApp.
  • Обеспечьте бесперебойное обновление данных из WhatsApp в Copper, сохранив синхронизацию данных.
  • Упорядочить общение с ведущими за счет централизации разговоров в Copper.

Поддерживает ли ваша интеграция вложения?

Да, TimelinesAI поддерживает любые типы вложений из WhatsApp.

Возможна ли массовая рассылка сообщений в WhatsApp через ваше приложение?

Да, вы можете загрузить пользовательский список в формате CSV/ Excel для отправки Кампания массовых сообщений в Whatsapp своим контактам.

Начните бесплатную пробную версию