Integrate multiple Whatsapp numbers with Salesloft CRM

Elevate Your Sales with Seamless WhatsApp and Salesloft Integration via TimelinesAI. Streamline Communication and Supercharge Your Sales Efforts.

Effortlessly integrate your WhatsApp contacts into Salesloft
Set up automated WhatsApp messages
Send automated WhatsApp messages directly from your Salesloft workspace
Easily preview and send WhatsApp messages right within Salesloft

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TimelinesAI – multi-number WhatsApp management solution

Transform the way you manage your WhatsApp interactions and seamlessly integrate WhatsApp with your CRM!


Around the clock live chat support
We are always available to help you with onboarding via live chat and demo sessions. We speak English, Spanish, Russian, and 80+ languages in our support chat.


Access to our integration partners network
We will connect you with our highly experienced integration partners to save you time.


Personalized trial and onboarding
We would gladly customize your trial experience. Want to connect 100+ numbers or need more time to set things up - we got you covered!


Pre-trial consultation
We value your time. Send us your integration requirements and we will find the best solution for you!

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Salesloft conatcts sync from whatsapp

Automatically sync all WatsApp contact to Salesloft

Supercharge Lead Management and Team Coordination with WhatsApp Contacts Automatically Synced to Salesloft.

Effortlessly integrate your WhatsApp contacts into Salesloft

Avoid manual data entering and copy-pasting
 Keep your entire team informed and synchronized with WhatsApp contacts at your fingertips
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Salesloft and WhatsApp deal integration

Automatically create Deals for WhatsApp Contacts

Boost Sales Efficiency by Automatically Creating Deals for WhatsApp Contacts in Salesloft.

Create stronger collaboration within your team

Guarantee seamless transfer of lead details into Deals

Push potential leads from WhatsApp into the sales pipeline with automated deal creation

WhatsApp outreachio integration via timelinesai

Create automated personalized messages on WhatsApp

Automatically Send Messages from Your Salesloft: Follow-up Reminders, Welcome Messages, and Personalized Content Using Salesloft Data.

Send automated welcome messages

Reach out to Leads with automated follow-up whatsApp messages 

Ensure your Leads get timely responses

Salesloft and WhatsApp

Send WhatsApp messages without leaving Salesloft

Streamline your communication by chatting on WhatsApp directly within Salesloft. No need to switch between tabs or manually copy-paste.

View your WhatsApp message history in Salesloft
Send WhatsApp messages to your customers directly from Salesloft
Attach files and documents for added convenience
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Salesloft and WhatsApp

Get one inbox for multiple WhatsApp numbers

Easily manage multiple WhatsApp numbers with a unified inbox and powerful collaboration tools for your team.

Organize your WhatsApp chats into segments

Effortlessly send marketing campaigns to a large audience

Track and analyze statistics by WhatsApp conversations to measure your success

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about WhatsApp to Salesloft integration

How do I get started with TimelinesAI?

Getting started is easy! Simply scan a QR code to connect WhatsApp, and invite your team members.

How does the integration work with multiple WhatsApp numbers and Salesloft?

The integration allows you to connect multiple WhatsApp numbers with Salesloft. This means you can manage and communicate with your leads and customers across various WhatsApp numbers efficiently.

Is it possible to send WhatsApp messages directly from Salesloft?

Absolutely! You can send WhatsApp messages directly from your Salesloft workspace, eliminating the need to switch between different applications or manually copy-paste numbers.

Is template pre-approval required for sending WhatsApp messages?

No, there’s no need for template pre-approval when sending WhatsApp messages through this integration.

Is it possible to send mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp through your app?

Yes, you can mass messages from or TimelinesAI.

What kind of support is available during onboarding?

We provide 24/7 live chat support to assist you with onboarding, answer questions, and offer demo sessions. Our support team can communicate in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and over 80 others.

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