Share Whatsapp Messaging With Your Team

In TimelinesAI you can easily share selected Whatsapp messages with your team via a sharing link accessible to your organization.

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Share one or multiple messages on WhatsApp

In TimelinesAI, you can easily select relevant messages you want to share by check-marking them and share with others. The recipient will get the URL of the highlighted messages and will be able to view them, even if they are not registered with the TimelinesAI. 

Share Whatsapp Chat Links with your team

If you need to share an important chat with a manager or team. Then you can copy the chat URL directly from the shared inbox and share it with team members. Try 10 days free trial on the TimelinesAI app. 

Exchange comments with your team

If you want Timelines to notify a teammate about the comment, you may mention anyone from your workspace. It allows your agents to ask for help from other team members if the agent doesn’t know how to respond to a client’s request. Сustomers will not see your comments.

Assign chats to responsible members

Your team can collectively manage and reply to chats, which may be re-assigned to any team member in the workspace. Messages will not go unanswered as each chat will be assigned to a specific agent.

Frequently asked questions

Any questions? We've got some answers!

Can people with whom I want to share the selected messages see them if they are not registered on TimelinesAI?

Yes, recipients can view shared messages even if they are not registered in the TimelinesAI.

How long does it take to set up Whatsapp to share with my team?

It takes ~ 5 minutes to start working on Whatsapp with your team on TimelinesAI.  All you need to do is connect your number and invite your agents to collaborate.


Does TimelinesAI support group chats?

Yes, with Timelines you can reply to group chats. You can create a group chat on WhatsApp, and it automatically syncs to Pipedrive.

Can I add attachments (images, videos) to my messages?

Yes, TimelinesAI supports all kinds of attachments from WhatsApp.

Can my managers message contacts on Whatsapp on my behalf/using my connected number?

Yes, your managers can use your Whatsapp number on your behalf. It is possible to connect multiple Whatsapp numbers and use either of them to message your contacts. Try for free on the TimelinesAI app.