Integrate your business WhatsApp numbers to Slack

Integrate your business WhatsApp numbers with Slack and experience a seamless flow of communication. This integration brings numerous advantages to your business:

Faster response to customer inquiries
Collaborate more effectively on customer issues by discussing them in Slack channels
Stay in the loop with instant notifications of important WhatsApp message

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Integrate WhatsApp with any tools that you use

Set up custom notifications in Slack for specific WhatsApp activities, ensuring that important messages are never missed. Start a free trial.


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Customize synchronization to meet your needs
You can set it up so that every new message from your connected number will be shared in required Slack Channel or Direct message.


WhatsApp and Slack integration
You don't need any extra tools or the WhatsApp business API. We've made everything ready to go. You can start syncing messages right away.


Bring Your Team
You can expand quickly by inviting your team members during the trial. TimelinesAI supports unlimited WhatsApp numbers, so everyone can join in.

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Connecting Slack and WhatsApp via Zapier

Send notification in Slack whenever you received WhatsApp messages

Receive important notifications from WhatsApp directly in your Slack channels. For instance, you can get alerts about customer inquiries or support requests sent via WhatsApp in a dedicated Slack channel for timely responses.

Instant Alerts in Slack for incoming WhatsApp messages

Timely responses from your team

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Slack WhatsApp notifications

Integrate WhatsApp with your customer support team in Slack

This enables support agents to handle customer inquiries received on WhatsApp within their familiar Slack environment, making it easier to manage and respond to tickets.

Seamless Integration
Collaborate and discuss important messages with the team
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Integrate WhatsApp with any tool

Connect WhatsApp to Your CRM and Slack

Connect WhatsApp to your CRM system and synchronize customer interactions right into your Slack workspace. This allows your sales and support teams to see a complete history of customer interactions and work together efficiently to manage customer relationships.

Customer-related chats, messages, and interactions from WhatsApp into your CRM and Slack
Share with sales and support teams to see everything about a customer’s journey
One Inbox for Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

Connect Multiple WhatsApp Numbers with Ease

You have the flexibility to connect all your WhatsApp numbers effortlessly and receive notifications on Slack from each of these numbers.

Support regular and business WhatsApp numbers
Streamlined Integration, No Technical Expertise Needed
Simplify the management of your WhatsApp interactions and ensure you don’t miss important chats
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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about WhatsApp to Slack integration

How can I send notifications in Slack when I receive WhatsApp messages?

With this integration, you can receive notifications directly in your Slack channels whenever you receive WhatsApp messages. This allows you to stay informed about customer inquiries or support requests and ensures timely responses.

How do I get started with the integration?

Getting started is easy! Simply scan a QR code to connect WhatsApp, invite your team members, and you can begin using the integration immediately.

Do I need technical expertise for this integration?

No, you don’t need technical skills. The integration is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.

Can I connect multiple WhatsApp numbers with ease?

Yes, you can effortlessly connect all your WhatsApp numbers and receive notifications on Slack from each of them. This ensures that you don’t miss any important chats.

Does your integration support attachments?

Yes, TimelinesAI supports any kind of attachment from WhatsApp.

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