Start a new Whatsapp chat without saving a number in a contact book

Using TimelinesAI you will save time for your team. You can easily send a message to your contacts even if you have not saved them in your contact book.

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Start a new chat on Whatsapp Shared Inbox

If there is no previous communication with the contact on Whatsapp, TimelinesAI will automatically start a new chat with the Person once you send the first message. You don’t need to save the contact in the contact book to start the Whatsapp conversation with them via TimelinesAI. Try for free on the TimelinesAI app. 

Start a new chat with Person or Deal on Pipedrive integration

Whatsapp Pipedrive integration by TimelinesAI adds a “Send Whatsapp message” panel to Persons and Deals on Pipedrive. When you send a message from the Pipedrive interface to a new contact on Whatsapp, TimelinesAI will  start a new chat automatically.

Start a new chat on Whatsapp Mass Messaging

With timelines, you can upload a CSV list with contact numbers. If you didn’t have a messaging history with a contact, TimelinesAI will initiate a new chat automatically. Connect your Whatsapp number in 1 minute with no code.

Start a new Whatsapp chat via TimelinesAI webhook automation

TimelinesAI enables your team to automatically send Whatsapp messages from the tools you’re already using: CRM, recruitment systems, etc.  In case the message is sent to a new contact on Whatsapp, a new chat will be started automatically. Learn more about Whatsapp automation via TimelinesAI webhooks

Enable your agents to start Whatsapp chats with contacts using your Whatsapp accounts

Connecting a Whatsapp device to TimelinesAI takes 5 minutes. All you need to do is connect your number and invite your agents to collaborate. It works with regular and business numbers.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about using WhatsApp with multiple agents in your team

What is TimelinesAI?

TimelinesAI is a shared inbox for Whatsapp. With TimelinesAI you can control the communication with your clients and customers.

Does it work with Whatsapp business or personal numbers?

You can connect any type of Whatsapp number.


If I send messages via whatsapp in the mobile application, will they be synchronized in crm?

You can automatically sync all sent and received Whatsapp messages as activities on your CRM. The synchronization happens in real-time. It means that when you or your team send or receive a message via the number connected to TimelinesAI, the activity will be dynamically updated with the new messages.

Does it support group chats?

Yes, TimelinesAI enables your team to reply to regular and group chats. You may try it for free on the TimelinesAI app.


Will attachments (files, photos, videos) from Whatsapp get synced into Shared Inbox or CRM?

Yes, you may send all kinds of attachments from Whatsapp, including voice messages.