The Best Way to Integrate WhatsApp into a CRM System

whatsapp to crm

WhatsApp is one of the leading communication channels between people worldwide. Since its launch in 2009, it has become a primary communication tool in customer service, sales, and other areas within an organization.

However, how can we manage the rich and diverse communication that takes place on WhatsApp in an organized and focused manner?

How can we ensure that important information sent and received on WhatsApp is integrated into our CRM system?

How can we use WhatsApp to improve sales, marketing, and customer service?

CRM systems have successfully integrated email correspondence as an integral part of the system, but the integration of WhatsApp numbers of salespeople is yet to be achieved. As a result, critical business communication is unmanaged and lost over time, and the information in the CRM is incomplete and outdated. We encountered this problem years ago while managing a software project company. We took the initiative and founded TimelinesAI to automate and integrate the WhatsApp channel into our business processes.

In this article, we will focus on integration solutions with various CRM systems.

First, let’s define the goals we want to achieve:

  1. Synchronize WhatsApp numbers of salespeople in the organization with the CRM.
  2. Receive and store all WhatsApp messages from customers in the CRM (including creating contacts and deals).
  3. Respond to customers on WhatsApp through the CRM interface.
  4. Automate WhatsApp messages to customers based on triggers from the CRM.
  5. Integrate with other business information systems.

Our solutions to achieve these goals are as follows:

1. Native integrations (built-in, without the need for a bridging platform like Zapier or writing code) with popular CRM systems (Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zoho) that allow one-click synchronization of salespeople’s WhatsApp numbers (Plug & Play).

Sync Whatsapp messaging into PipeDrive deals3

2. A Chrome extension that identifies phone numbers on any web page and allows opening a WhatsApp chat window on the same page without switching between applications.

Zoho WhatsApp

3. Support for Webhooks/Zapier/Make to receive and send WhatsApp messages, enabling flexible integration of WhatsApp into business processes.

whatsapp zapier integration 1

4. A user-friendly dashboard for tracking and measuring statistics (number of messages sent/received per salesperson, message open rate, average response time, etc.).

statistica dashboard

In summary, today no organization can afford not to communicate with customers via WhatsApp. We would be happy to provide you with our tools, and we invite you to sign up for a free trial period at TimelinesAI app

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