TimelinesAI Whatsapp Integration & Automation features

Automate your processes with TimelinesAI, manage WhatsApp for your business and improve your sales and customer support teams.

Get a shared inbox for multiple WhatsApp numbers
Integrate with Pipedrive/ Hubspot/ Zoho/ Monday in one click
Integrate with any CRM or tools with API and webhooks
Automate your workflows via TimelinesAI native WhatsApp & Zapier integration
Send personalized mass messages on WhatsApp

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One Inbox for Multiple WhatsApp Numbers

All WhatsApp correspondence in one interface

Get immediate control and a 360° view of your business communication on WhatsApp. Collaborate with team members in minutes with multi-number Shared inbox.

Add multiple WhatsApp numbers in one Inbox

Collaboration tools for collective management of your chats: assigning, segmentation, labeling chats, setting reminders, permissions management, quick reply templates, etc.

No WhatsApp business API required

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How PipeDrive integration works

One-click WhatsApp and Pipedrive integration

Automatically track and preserve WhatsApp Business communication in Pipedrive.

Automatically sync WhatsApp messages into Pipedrive

Automatically create Persons, Leads and Deals for new contacts from WhatsApp

Start new WhatsApp chats right from the Pipedrive interface

Efficiently sync WhatsApp contacts to your preferred pipeline

Select the perfect Pipedrive module for your new contacts

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Hubspot new integration

One-click WhatsApp and Hubspot integration

Start tracking WhatsApp business communication with automatic updates into HubSpot's Contacts and Deals.

Automatically sync WhatsApp messages into Hubspot

Automatically create Contacts and Deals for new contacts from WhatsApp

Send automated messages on WhatsApp from the Hubspot workflow interface

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1. Sync Contacts and Leads from WhatsApp

Seamless WhatsApp-Zoho Integration

Connect WhatsApp with Zoho in just one click, and effortlessly synchronize your contacts from WhatsApp to Zoho.

Automatically create new Contacts and Deals for incoming WhatsApp chats on Zoho

Choose a module to sync contacts from WhatsApp

Sync WhatsApp messages to Zoho CRM

Customize workflows for automated actions

Initiate chats and review WhatsApp message history directly within your CRM interface

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WhatsApp chats sync is Salesforce

Effortless Salesforce and WhatsApp Integration

Enhance your business communication with seamless integration between Salesforce and WhatsApp. Automate lead and contact creation, sync WhatsApp chats effortlessly, and streamline your messaging directly from Salesforce.

Automatically create Leads and Contacts from new WhatsApp chats in Salesforce

Synchronization of WhatsApp Chats to your Salesforce platform

Start and continue WhatsApp conversations directly within Salesforce

Automate messaging with personalized WhatsApp messages

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automatically sync contact to Monday

Seamless WhatsApp Integration with Monday CRM

Easily link your WhatsApp to Monday CRM and automatically generate updates in Monday CRM for each new chat received on WhatsApp.

Automatically create updates in Monday.com for all incoming WhatsApp chats

Initiate and continue WhatsApp conversations directly from your Monday dashboard

Effortlessly configure automated messages triggered by specific events in Monday.com

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whatsapp zapier integration 1

Instantly connect WhatsApp with other 1000+ tools

Set up triggers in your CRM and send personalized automated WhatsApp messages.

Personalize Welcome messages on WhatsApp

Send confirmations when something is booked on your website

Create a task and assign a responsible agent when a new chat is received on WhatsApp

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statistica dashboard

Make data-driven decisions and optimize customer communication on WhatsApp

TimelinesAI provides businesses with key metrics to help evaluate the effectiveness of WhatsApp business communications.

Determine your team’s performance while using their WhatsApp accounts

Get an insight into how active your account is in the specific time period

Understand how your team and agents are performing

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unpload csv file

Launch mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp

TimelinesAI enables your team to send Mass Messaging to the custom lists of your contacts on Whatsapp. You can easily send marketing messages, updates, news, and upsell services to your customers.

Send personalized mass messages

Track delivery of mass messages

Schedule Mass messaging campaigns

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whatsapp message history

Start and continue conversations on WhatsApp directly from your CRM / ATS with TimelinesAI WhatsApp chrome extension

WhatsApp direct message chrome extension will automatically detect phone numbers from your CRM or any other webpage, providing easy access to WhatsApp conversations.

Automatically detect phone numbers from your tool

Preview WahtsApp messages history

Instantly start or continue WhatsApp chat from any CRM/ ATS

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web 2

Integrate TimelinesAI with any CRM systems and tools

Say goodbye to the headaches associated with manual data entry to your CRM. You'll never miss a conversation and have all of your customer data in one place, enabling you to enhance engagement, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Use Webhooks to integrate WhatsApp chats into your CRM

Use Public API to automate sending WhatsApp messages


Create ChatGPT autoresponder for WhatsApp in minutes

Don't waste any more time manually responding to WhatsApp messages. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the ChatGPT Whatsapp autoresponder without coding skills.

Automatically answer your business messages on WhatsApp

Get a multilingual autoresponder on WhatsApp

Quick setup, no coding skills are required

chatGPT chat summary

Generate a WhatsApp Chat Summary with ChatGPT

With the ChatGPT Integration on TimelinesAI, you can generate a chat thread summary, to get a brief overview of a conversation with your contacts on WhatsApp.

Generate detailed chat summaries effortlessly with ChatGPT Integration on TimelinesAI

Get a brief and comprehensive overview of your WhatsApp conversations to stay informed and efficient

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Whatsapp Zapier integration

Does it support attachments?

Yes, with TimelinesAI, you can send all kinds of attachments from WhatsApp (images, videos, voice records, and files).

Can I connect only a business account?

You can connect regular and business WhatsApp numbers. No Whatsapp Business API is required.


Does it support group chats?

Yes, TimelinesAI enables your team to reply to regular and group chats. You may try it for free on the TimelinesAI app.

How do I distinguish chats from different Whatsapp numbers if I want to see only my chats?

You can create a filtered view by applying filter criteria by phone number.

What is the maximum amount of numbers I can add?

As many as you need depending on the plan, TimelinesAI pricing is based on seats, and one seat enables a user to connect one Whatsapp account.

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